Shovel Knight cheats

Shovel Knight cheats

Shovel Knight cheats

Passwords And Cheats
To use these codes, you’ll need to start a new game, and then save a new file with one of the following names. Then follow the instructions for continuing the game.

TRGSVPPW : Big Shovel Knight
TVSVUEIO : Big, Invincible, Color Changing Shovel Knight
X&BUTT : Butt Mode (Certain words and names replaced with “butt”)
TR&FDNC : Different Dance For Troupple King
IM&SGC14 : Iron-Man of Gaming Challenge (3 | 00 minute Time Trial)
J&!JSMP : Moon Jump (3x jump height, 2x jump speed)
CVPYHAON : Propeller Blade with Infinite Magic
J&2JMP! : Super Jump (2x jump height)
Adam10 : unlimited Propeller dagger, Mobil gear and Throwing anchor and rapid fire


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