Shadowrun Returns game cheats

Shadowrun Returns game cheats

Shadowrun Returns game cheats

Press [Alt] + [F1] or [Ctrl] + [F1] or [Alt] + ~ or [Ctrl] + ~ to input:

Cheats———————— Function
addKarma #⇒+ karma (increase the specified number of Karma)
# Represents any integer, the same below
setHP #⇒Set HP to #
addAP #⇒+ AP
restoreAP⇒AP recovery is full
toggleGodMode⇒switch God mode (high speed, high hiding, high injury)
slaughter #⇒Kill enemies within the radius
deathray⇒Kill all visible enemies
stunray⇒Stun all visible enemies
endturn⇒End the team round
toggleNeverMiss⇒100% accurate hit
refreshHiring⇒Refresh the mercenaries

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