Shadowrun Hong Kong game cheats

Shadowrun Hong Kong game cheats

Shadowrun Hong Kong game cheats

Press [Alt] + [F1] to activate the cheats mode, click CMD in the upper left corner and enter the following code:

Note: # in the cheats is any number, please replace it.

addAP #⇒Get a specified amount of AP
addKarma #⇒Get a specified number of Karma
endturn⇒End the team round
toggleNeverMiss⇒100% hit, no MISS
toggleGodMode or God⇒Super speed, invincibility, high damage
slaughter #⇒Kill enemies with specified radius
deathray⇒Kill all visible enemies
restoreAP⇒Reset AP points
setHP #⇒Set HP value
stunray⇒Stun all visible enemies
+AP⇒+ AP
-AP⇒- AP
+HP⇒+ HP
-HP⇒- HP
+2k⇒+2 Karma points
clr⇒Modify character skin color
+¥⇒+500 gold
-¥⇒-500 gold
mov percentage ⇒ change running speed (outside combat only)
all percentage ⇒ change all movement speed

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