Shadowgrounds Survivor game cheats

Shadowgrounds Survivor game cheats

Press [F8] during the game to enter:
Note: The cheats are very long, pay attention to capitalization and punctuation

Cheats Effect
externInclude developer:stuffed Full blood, full weapon, full ammunition, etc.
externInclude developer:immortal Invincible mode
externInclude developer:reloadstuff Full ammunition and full flashlight
disableAllAI The enemy cannot move
externInclude developer:main Debug menu
externInclude developer:fullhealth Full of life
externInclude developer:givestuff Get all weapons
externInclude developer:giveallkeys All keys
hideGUI Hide HUD!
setMissionFailureCounter 1 The current task failed (do not use this, it will crash)
setMissionSuccessCounter 1 Win the current level
externInclude developer:open_door Open locked doors and boxes.
externInclude developer:closeallremotedoors Close all doors
externInclude developer:openallremotedoors Open all the doors
quit exit the game
disableHostileAI The enemy can move
showGUI Show HUD!
externInclude developer:spawn_alienattack Alien Attack
externInclude developer:enableHostileAI The enemy is still, but it will still attack you if it gets closer
externInclude developer:loseallkeys All keys lost
enableAllAI Open aI
externInclude developer:warpforward Player moves forward 300 units
externInclude developer:warpmore Player moves 300 units

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