Severance Blade of Darkness game cheats

Severance Blade of Darkness game cheats

Severance Blade of Darkness game cheats

First, modify the file

Open the file in the BladeScripts directory of the game directory, and add the following lines of code to the end of the file:

import cheats






Then save and exit, and re-enter the game.

Game cheats

Then press the following keys in the game to activate the corresponding secret skills:

[F10]⇒Invincible mode
[F9]⇒ Jump off
[F5]⇒Move the view to the left
[F6]⇒Move the view to the right
2⇒Great Sword
4⇒Small shield
G⇒Create Lightsabre
K⇒Start Lightsabre
P⇒Change MOV
H⇒Sleepy Hollow (SleepyHollow)
Another invincible mode

Open the file in the config directory and add the following line at the end of the keystroke binding list:

Bladex.AssocKey(“ToggleInvinciblilty”, “Keyboard”, “p”)

Then make the same modification to the file in the scripts directory. Then in the game, you can press the P key (you can also use other keys, just modify the above sentence) to switch the invincible mode.

Edit role status

Edit the file in the stats directory.

More secrets

Enter the following secrets in the game to get the corresponding effect (you need to break the level once to use it):

itemsgalore⇒Get all items
levelend⇒jump level
doorsnomore⇒Get the key
allmighty⇒Full of life and mana
tothepoint⇒All weapons
levelhead⇒up to the highest level

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