Serious Sam 4 game cheats

Serious Sam 4 game cheats B

In the game, you can use the F1 key or the `key to call up the console, first use the first of the following codes to activate the cheat, and then enter the relevant cheat code to obtain the corresponding items or other attributes.

cht_bEnableCheats=1 activate cheating

cht_bEnableCheats=0 cancel cheating

Basics and weapons

cht_bAutoAim starts automatic shooting

cht_bGod activate God mode

cht_bFly allows you to fly

cht_bGhost no need to reload

cht_bTurbo increase speed

cht_bInfiniteAmmo Infinite Bullet

cht_bGiveAll gets all weapons and the ammunition is the largest

chtGiveAmmo() Obtain the ammunition of the specified weapon (fill in the name of the weapon in brackets)

chtGiveWeapon() Obtain the specified weapon

Combat and skills
ch_slGiveArmor=Give armor

cht_slGiveHealth=Restore life

cht_slGiveSkillPoints=Get skill points

cht_slResetSkills=Unlock all unlocked skill trees

Stories and chapters
chtClearGameProgress() restart the game

chtJumpToChapter() starts the specified chapter

chtJumpToFirstChapter() starts the first chapter game

chtJumpToNextChapter() starts the next chapter of the game

chtJumpToNextLevel() Start the next game

cht_bInfiniteStamina = Gain unlimited stamina

cht_bInvisible=Get invisible

cht_bKillAll=Kill all enemies

cht_bKillBoss=Kill the boss

cht_bPassThroughPlasmaWalls=Allows you to pass through ion walls

cht_bUnlockMentalMode=Unlock mental mode

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