Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Game Cheats

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Game Cheats

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Game Cheats

Unlock the Red Lotus team in advance:

On the school selection page, press and hold the L + R (keyboard corresponds to Q + R) keys, and then use the cross keys to input




Then it unlocked the Yan Honglian team.


Of course, you can unlock the Red Lotus Team by clearing the first three plots. This cheat is just for being lazy.


The password will not have any influence on the trophy, so you can use it with confidence.


BUG disappears in fat times:

  1. Go to Diorama, choose the character you want


  1. Change the “status change” option to “turn around and press down”, and then jump back to the previous page, then select ” Get ready”, change the clothes before turning to “Tokonatsu swimsuit “, and then press the R1 key to switch to turn around After that, the frame is moved to the “down” address


  1. Then jump back to the previous page and select “Diorama”. After clicking in, you will find that the underwear below is missing. Use this method to soak in the same way, and it seems that some kind of swimsuit will cause the change of the underwear to disappear. …Before the official amendments are made, please give it a try!


  1. It turns out that only the swimsuit can see the panties disappear, other swimsuits not only the panties, but the whole body disappears…


Holy Light State:

How to achieve 100%:


After the opponent’s clothes are completely destroyed (only bar and panties are left), if one’s own side uses the secret ninja technique of 5 Qi (learned in Chapter 4 of the plot) when using red blood, the opponent will be fully fruitful.


P.S., in turn, will be beaten out of this state.


The above is the condition that will definitely appear in full burst clothing, the state of the Holy Light fruit body. But this condition is more demanding, and there are indeed players who do not need to use the above methods to achieve results.


Training pass


According to the training pass: the one-scroll ninjutsu explodes one layer of clothing on the lower body, the two-scroll ninjutsu explodes one layer of the upper body clothing, and the five-scroll ninja explodes one layer together.


So if you want to see the Holy Light of the Fruit Body, you only need to hit the remaining underwear and open the forbearance method (whether you die or not.)


It can be seen from this that, in fact, there is an obvious relationship between bursting clothes and injury.


Finally, let’s talk about the precautions


  1. You can explode the clothes without using the 5 Qi Ninja method; the ultimate kill is to explode the bottom, and the super must kill is to explode the top. The key is to damage enough.


  1. Although the damage is high, it is easy to burst the clothes, but don’t be too exaggerated… If the damage is so high that the opponent dies before the clothes burst, the Holy Light and the fruit body will not be visible.

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