SCUM game cheats


How to open the console:

Press T in the game, which is the chat window, and enter the command.

List of console command codes:

Effect Code
help #List
Send to the designated location #teleport
Teleport to the specified player #TeleportToPlayer
Check online players #ListPlayers
Set player points #SetFamePoints < integral >
Kick the player #Kick
Ban players #Ban
Generate items #spawnItem < article > < Quantity >
Spawn NPC #spawnCharacter <name> < Quantity >

Item code

Effect Code
20 shots 12_Gauge
A box of bullets 12_Gauge_Ammobox_Closed
A box of spray bullets (can’t be opened) 12_Gauge_Ammobox_Open1
1 empty spray bullet 12_Gauge_Catrige
1911 pistol 1911
Metal finger tiger 1H_Brass_knuckles
Outdoor machete 1H_Bushman
Big kitchen knife 1H_Cleaver
Crowbar 1H_Crowbar
Simple Stone Axe 1H_Hatchet
Small hunting knife 1H_Hunter
Simple Stone Hammer 1H_Improvised_Hammer
Metal knife 1H_Improvised_metal_knife
Stone knife 1H_ImprovisedKnife
Small kitchen knife 1H_KitchenKnife
Small kitchen knife 1H_KitchenKnife_02
Small kitchen knife 1H_KitchenKnife_03
Small kitchen knife 1H_KitchenKnife_04
Knife 1H_Kunai
Small shovel 1H_Little_Spade
Iron sword 1H_Metal_Sword
Black MK5000 1H_MK5000_Black
MK5000 Sabre 1H_MK5000_Metal
Black N9 Sabre 1H_N9_Black
Black N9 Sabre 1H_N9_Black_1h_Melee
White N9 Sabre 1H_N9_White
baton 1H_Police_Baton
Scalpel 1H_Scalpel
Black Tiger Blade 1H_Scout_Black
White Tiger Blade 1H_Scout_White
Ninja Darts 1H_Shuriken
Stone axe 1H_Stone_Axe
Stone axe blade 1H_Stone_Axe_Head
Wooden stick 1H_Wooden_club
Mace wooden 1H_Wooden_club_with_spikes
Wire mace wooden 1H_Wooden_club_with_wire
Pipe wrenches 1H_Wrench_Pipe


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