Screamer game cheats

Screamer game cheats

Screamer game cheats

Enter in any menu interface:
VTELO⇒All normal tracks are available
INVER⇒All normal and reverse tracks are available
MONTY⇒New obstacle setting 1 [Note 1]
JOINT⇒New obstacle setting 2
CLOCK⇒The clock stops
TAZOR⇒Warhead racing available
ABURN⇒Compete with other warhead racing cars [Note 2]
UPDOW⇒Invert the graph
MIRRO⇒Mirror mode

Note 1:

Enter “monty” in the main menu and you will hear a voice saying “Wanna play dirty? Then let’s play dirty!”. At this time you will see some changes in the screen:

1. The traffic cone becomes a cute bunny

2. Traffic obstacles turn into strollers

3. Traffic obstacles become mm in swimsuits

4. The detour sign becomes a doll…

Note 2:

Before using this cheat, please back up the choice.dat file in the game directory for recovery purposes)

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