saints row the third game cheats

cheese — 100,000
whatitmeanstime — upgrade runfast — unlimited run
pissoffpigs — add police badge
lolz — add gang star
goodygoody — minus the police badge
oops — minus gang star

【the weather】
clearskies — good weather
lightrain — lightrain
overcast — cloudy
heavyrain — heavy rain

weapons — for all weapons
fryhole — Ascended to heaven
givegatmobile — Zombie Gat into your phone book
brains = humans become zombies
hohoho = human beings become female
mascot = human beings become mascots
goldengun=one hit

givespecter=flying bike
givevtol=f69 vertical take-off and landing
givevulture=The Saint’s Helicopter

giveminigun=Machine Gun
givesatchel=Shoulder bomb
giveultimax=arsenic ultimax
givetek=Tektronix z-10
givekobra=Cobra ka-1

No vehicle damage vroom

Repair car repaircar Repair car repaircar

Add respect whatitmeanstome

Add police notoriety pissoffpigs

No police notoriety goodygoody

Add gang notoriety lolz

No gang notoriety oops No gang notoriety oops

Bloody Mess notrated

Heaven Bound fryhole

Vehicle Smash isquishyou Vehicle Smash isquishyou

Spawn flying bike givespecter

Spawn F69 Vtol givevtol

Spawn Saints’ helicopter givevulture

Spawn Vortex givevortex

Spawn Air Strike giveairstrike

Spawn Apocafists giveapoca

Spawn As3 Ultimax giveultimax

Spawn chainsaw givechainsaw

Spawn Cyber ​​Blaster givecybersmg

Spawn Cyberdestructor givecyber

Spawn Drone givedrone to the remote controller (control vehicle)

Spawn Electric Grenade giveelectric give electric grenade (Japanese gang)

Spawn Grenade givegrenade Spawn Grenade givegrenade

Spawn Hammer givehammer (the one held by the woman in the Japanese gang with 3 stars)

Spawn K-8 Krukov givekrukov Spawn Kobra Ka-1 givekobra Give Kobra KA-1

Spawn McManus 2015 givesniper

Spawn Minigun giveminigun give MINIGUN

Spawn Molotov givemolotov

Spawn Nocturne givesword (Japanese gang’s)

Spawn ROG giverpg gives rockets (can be tracked)

Spawn Satchel Charges givesatchel

Spawn Shock Hammer giverocket

Spawn Tek Z-10 givetek givetek

Spawn The Penetrator givedildo Give an artificial penis–!

Spawn Viper Laser Rifle giveslm8

Pedestrians are drunk dui

Pedestrians are mascots mascot

Pedestrians are pimps and prostitues hohoho probably. Passersby are pimps or prostitutes

Pedestrians are zombies brains Pedestrians are zombies. . .

Sunny weather clearskies

Cloudy weather overcast

Rainy weather lightrain

Very rainy weather heavyrain

Universal for 360 and PC

PS: After using the cheats. Auto-save is off, but it can be saved manually. Achievements cannot be obtained

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