Saints Row Gat out of Hell game cheats

Saints Row Gat out of Hell game cheats

Saints Row Gat out of Hell game cheats:

Instructions for use:


Pause the game => Cheats => Add Cheat Enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:




  1. If the cheats are entered correctly, a voice prompt will be mentioned.


  1. After the cheats are activated, achievements cannot be obtained and the game can still be saved.


Unlock all


Cheats function


unlockitall⇒ unlock all


Role related:


Cheats function


cheese⇒ get money ($100,000)


letsrock⇒ all weapons


vroom⇒ No damage to the vehicle


repaircar⇒ Repair the current car


goodygoody⇒ remove notoriety


runfast⇒ unlimited sprint (fast run)


Game world related:


Cheats function


bigheadmode⇒ bighead mode


evilcars⇒ evil vehicles (crazy attacking players)


fastforward⇒ fast forward (time acceleration)


goldengun⇒ Golden Gun (one hit kills)


fryhole⇒ police flying


insanecity⇒ crazy city


mascot⇒ mascot (mascot pedestrian)


hohoho⇒ All pimps and prostitutes


notrated⇒ M++ rating (the character burst into blood after being killed)


isquishyou⇒ Vehicle Easy Mode


Weather related:


Cheats function


overcast⇒ gray sky


lightrain⇒ light rain


heavyrain⇒ heavy rain


clearskies⇒ eye

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