Saints Row 4 game cheats


Note that using a cheat code will cause the game to judge you as a cheater, become unable to automatically store and unlock achievements!

1. Enter the HUB menu –> Extras –> Cheats

2, enter the following code to get the corresponding cheating effect:


Cheese-get 1 million money

Letsrock-unlock all weapons

Goodygoody-Eliminate the police star

Runfast-unlimited physical strength

Fryhole-Ascension to heaven (the dead will float up)

Vroom-Invincible car (not damaged)

Isquishyou-tank car (crush other people’s cars)

Hohoho-all people are prostitutes

Mascot-full mascot

Evilcars-all vehicles attack the player crazy

Unlock Super Sprint: runfast

Unlock Telekinesis: supertk

Unlock Stomp: superstomp

Unlock Blast: superblast

Unlock Buff: superbuff

Unlock Death From Above: superdfa

Disable super move: nosupermove

Disable superpowers: nosuperpowers

Ascension of dead corpses: fryhole

Add 100,000 money: cheese

Eliminate the police star: goodygoody

Tank car: isquishyou

Repair the current car: repaircar

get all weapons: letsrock

Obtained an alien suspension vehicle: givehovercar

Get an alien floating tank: givehovertank

Get Alien UFO: Giveufo

All unlocked items are fully open: unlockitall

fast forward: fastforward

Get an alien jet: givetrouble

Get the monster truck: givemonster

ASCII mode: ascii

Warden is forbidden: nowardens

Warden appears immediately: instantwarden

National Mascot: mascot

All people are prostitutes: hohoho

The whole city is crazy: insanecity

All vehicles madly attack the player: evilcars

Close Glitch FX: noglitchcity

Bighead mode: bigheadmode

Player vehicle invincible: vroom

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