RuneScape game cheats


RuneScape game cheats

RuneScape game cheats

Rune Platebody
Once you finish the free quest “Dragon Slayer” you will be able to wear the rune Platebody.

Silverlight Demon Slayer.
Once you finish the “Demon Slayer” quest you will be rewarded with a powerful sword called Silverlight that can slay demons.

Get A Pet Kitten
Once you finish the “Gertrude’s Cat” quest you will be rewarded with a cute little kitty that follows you wherever you go.

Santa Hat
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on December 25.

Easter Egg
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on Easter. You will not always get an Easter Egg, but the higher level the monster, the higher the chance.

Easter Ears
Kill any monster on Easter to get Easter Ears.

Christmas Crackers
Kill monsters of any level on December 25 and you might get Christmas Crackers. The drops are random.

Free Christmas Cracker
Go North Of Lumbridge and Pay 10 gp to get to Al Kharid. Go to where all the warriors are and search every single crate until there will be a note inside one. It will have a number 7 and a picture of a Christmas cracker. Put it in the bank and it will turn into a Christmas cracker!

3k Gold In Seconds
Here is the fastest way to make 13k gold if you are not a member! Go to the southeast mine in Vorrock to mine clay, yes clay. Clay sells for 100+ at the GE. So just 28 is over 2. 8k. If you get 500 clay you will have 50k gold.

Free Money
The last hint I posted, “Free Food”, is where this takes place too! What you do is get a white apron, which you can find in the nearby fishing shop, go to Wydin’s store, go in the back, and in the crates right of the crate with the banana, there’ll be raw chickens. If you get full inventory of them and sell them to Wydin, you’ll have about 3 or 4 or even 5K!

Easy Prayer Level Rising
Go to level 12 wild to the Chaos Temple. It should have a few skeletons, a prayer alter, and lots of bones. Pick up the bones, and bury them. They keep pooping back up after a few minutes, so they are basically unlimited. Repeat for easy prayer level rising.

Money Maker- Required: Smithing Level 30
Mine or buy a bunch of coal and iron ore, smith it all into steel, then sell all the steel for 600gp each! Quick cash.

Gaining Magic Xp Without Gaining Hp Xp
Get yourself enough: Mind, Chaos, or Death runes (depending on your level and how much money you have). Then decide which attack you are going to use: Water, Earth, or Fire. (Air staff helps out (infinite air runes)). Go South of Falador towards the Elemental Wizards: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Now depending on you attack plan, attack the wizard that matches your attack. Air – Air, Water – Water, Fire – Fire, Earth – Earth. You will get the mage xp, but not the Hp xp. The wizards do hit fairly high with their attacks and cast weakening spells every couple minutes, so bring food along.

Quick Xp (members Only)
After finishing the recommended quests and achievement diary tasks for the Rellekka (fremennik area) you will get a chance to do Blood Runs Deep. Once you have obtained Balmung you do not have to finish the quest if you do not wish to. So now that you have Balmung, get yourself 25 shark, or a full bag: 28 and head to the Light house where the level 74 and 92 Dagannoths are. You will be in a Multi-Combat area, and constantly under attack. (every once in a while you will have to climp up the iron ladder, and back down so they will go back to constant attack). You will also get Herb seed drops, collect all except Irit for Irit is worth much. Charms are also dropped along with level 2 scrolls (mediums) and random raw fish.

Easy Money
To make alot of money and raise some stats, start at Lumby and head north (an empty inventory would be an advantage) Kill cows at the big field and collect thier hides. Thier hides sell for about 275gp a piece and they usually sell automaticly.

Mining/Smithing/Mage (temporarily Raised)
Non-members (F2P) you can temporarily raise your: Smithing/Mining and Magic.
Dwarven Stout: Temporarily raises your Smithing and Mining by 1 level. (Example 53/50) but as I said Temporary so it lasts for about 30 seconds at the most.
Wizard’s Mind Bomb: Temporarily raises your Magic by 3 levels. Another example my Mage (magic) (Example 45/42) but still lasts for about 30seconds.
Bad thing about doing this it decreases your Attack (Att/Atk), Strength (Str), and Defence (Def). But that is also temporary. And you cannot take more than one to increase it more. ONLY ONE AT A TIME.
Members (P2P) Same thing but theirs is a bit higher but lasts about the same amount of time.
Dwarven Stout (m): increases by 2 (Example 62/60). They also have more forms of Dwarven stout (m) to choose from as well.
Mind Bomb (1) or (m1): increases by Magic 2 – 3 levels (It’s random). (Example depends on the outcome of the drink so (42/40 or 43/40).
Again the bad thing about doing this it decreases your Attack (Att/Atk), Strength (Str), and Defence (Def). But that is also temporary. And you cannot take more than one to increase it more. ONLY ONE AT A TIME.

Money Making
Hi some great ways of making money are as follows: (stars* are mems only)
1:swamptar pick it up in the lumbridge swamp. Takes a while but around 70 is about 35k on ge lowest. Not sure if its mems though. (sorry about that)
2:*swamp lizards:You can catch them with the hunter skill. (40+hunter recommended) for fast money each sells for about 2k on the ge.
3:*magic trees high woodcutting strongly reccomended. Most preferably chopped down near seer’s village. Full inventory sells for about65k.
4:*sharks. Best place is in fishing guild. (shark catching gloves recommended but not needed. ) they are pretty good money at around 90 fishing.

Fast Cooking XP
You will need to be a member for this, you will also need Cooking Guantlets so you do not burn any fish. At level 93 you can cook Rocktails, but sadly you will burn about half of the Rocktails. You’ll need 3,329 rocktails till level 94. After reaching level 94 you MUST wear cooking guantlets, for if you do not, you WILL burn the rocktails. From levels 94-99 cooking you will need to cook 22, 622 Rocktails. Yes I know it is Expensive, but you will reach 99 faster, and you will not burn any unlike: Monkfish and Sharks.

1K-2k In 30 Min.
Go to one of the mining sites south of varrock mine iron and fill up ur inventory take it to the Ge (grand exchange) and sell it all at highest price you will make 2K in under half an hour 1mil in 5 hours.

Fast Money (free And Members)
(recommended for players lvl 29 and up). First, buy a brass key at the Grand Exchange. Then go south until you just get out of the grand exchange. Then go west and down a little bit. You will see a little house with an arrow in it. Go into that building and down the ladder. Then go to your south and defeat a lot of hill giants and take the big bones that they drop. A full inventory sells from about 9000-11000gp do this a couple of times and you too can become rich!

The 9k Extra Earner
To get 9k and more at a time, follow my hint. To get 9k and more, first off, you need 20k or more. Then, if you are a member, buy 3 and more game necklaces. Keep transporting to the Clan Wars and buy as many TEAM-23 CAPES as you can. Go teleport to Barbarian Outpost. Keep doing this, then on your last try to Barby Outpost, Home teleport or something else to Lumbridge OR Varrock. Sell you capes and this will get you 15k more. The other kind of Team Cape thing, for free Runescape players, go to Edgeville. This requires no teleportation of any sort. Go to the guy who sell capes get a full Intivory, and go to Bank and store. Repeat this, and you will have another 9k in no time. AGAIN, THE 23 CAPES + 26 CAPES ARE BLUE!

Easy Slayer And Attack/defense/strength
This is for MEMBERS ONLY. Go to one of the slayer masters (Turael in Burthrope, Mazchana in Canthis, Vannaka in Edgeville dungeon, Chaeldar, which requires completion of lost city, Sumona in Pollinava, or Duradel in Shilo Village) and the person will tell you to kill a certain number of npc, like white wolfs, banshees, bears, dogs, ghosts, ect. , and set the attack method of your choice and then and save up for 400 points and you can buy 10k xp.

Free Food
If you need food and you have a white apron, you’re in luck. Put the apron on and go to Port Sarim. Go in the food shop (the bread icon on the mini-map), and ask Wydin about the job. Go through the back and you’ll find potatoes, raw chickens, an apron (outside the crate), and bananas (after Pirate’s Treasure)in the crates. TIP:If you slice bananas with a banana, you turn it into sliced bananas, which heal more.

Best Way To Make Money (mem Only)
One of the best ways to make money requires lv 75 wc, 85 fletch, and 55 mage. It also requires good axe, staff of fire,lots of nature runes, and knife. Find a mage tree in a desolate (nobody else around) place cut mage logs, fletch into longbow(u) and high alc it. You get more money from high alcing bows than the nats cost.

Gertrude’s Cat Quest
This can only be done by members. Go to Gertrude and ask her what is wrong. She will tell you that she wants her cat back. Go to the northeast of the wilderness and you will be brought to the broken fence yard. Jump over the fence and go up the ladder. You will find Fluffy (the cat) and try to pick her up. She will swipe you and take your life down. Go back and get a raw fish and a bucket. Go to Lumbridge and go to the cows. Milk the cow and go back to the fence. Give her both and you will think that she is lonely. Go down the ladder and will see “Meew!” coming out of the boxes. Look inside one of them and you will find a kitten. Go up the ladder and give the kitten to Fluffy. Fluffy should go back to Gertrude and you will be rewarded with a kitten.

Black Knights Fortress Quest
Start by talking to Sir Amik Varze in the White Knights castle in Falador. Get an Iron Cahin and Bronze Helm to get into the fortress. Go to the Black Knights fortress north of Falador. Search for a grill once inside. It will look like an air vent. Select “Listen” on the grill and hear the top secret plan. Then, get a cabbage from the monastery just beside the fortress. Then, go back to the fortress and drop the cabbage in a hole that is above the cauldron. You will have to go in the room with all the Black Knights on the first floor and go up the ladder to find the hole. After you have ruined the plan, go back to see Sir Amik Varze. The quest will then be completed.

Survive In “Lava Chambers”
Get to the point where you are able to fight Lesser Demons or level 54 Skeletons or Red Spiders. After defeating the Dragon, or at least using the secret door the first time from the Crandor side, get enough Fishing and Cooking to be able to catch and cook Lobster. Bring a Lobster Pot, a Tinderbox and a Hatchet (any type). Reach the island from Karamja (through the secret door). Fight your monsters, etc. When you run out of food, return through the secret door to Karamja and fish for Lobsters. Then, cut a tree for logs, set it on fire, and cook your Lobsters. This allows you to survive in the Lava Chambers under Crandor/Karamja Islands almost indefinitely. This is useful for leveling up against certain monsters and to also get a lot of one kind of item from a particular monster (such as Rune Mediums from Lesser Demons).

Easier Survival
To survive anywhere, bring a sleeping bag and when you get low on health, sleep in it. It will heal while you are sleeping and you cannot be attacked during that time.

Good Player Killing
Get your attack up to 40 so that you can hold Rune and get your defense up to 10. Next, get your strength as high as possible. You should be able to hit somewhere between 20 and 27.

Mine Faster
To get the ore immediately, as soon as you are about to hit the ore, click it again. To mine minerals faster, click on the rock you wish to mine then count how many times he hits the rock. After he hits the rock three times (in between three and four), click again on the rock you want to mine. If done correctly, he should start over twice, then you will instantly have the ore in your inventory.

Hidden Mine By Varrok
On the road to Varrok (the way to Stonehenge), you will notice a little opening on the wooden gates when you reach the entrance. Instead of going inside Varrok, go through the opening on the left gate (from behind you) and keep walking. There will be a mine that not many people use. The mine contains Iron, Silver, Tin, Copper, and Clay.

Hidden Mining Pit
When you get skilled enough to mine Coal and Admanite, and do not feel like tangling with scorpions to get it, there is a perfectly safe mining field just outside of Lumbridge. Go to Lumbridge Swamp and move east. You will soon find an ocean. Keep close and go south. You will find the secret mining pit soon.

Cooks Guild
To get into the Cooks guild, you will need a Chef’s Hat and level 32 cooking. To get a Chef’s Hat, kill goblins until you get one . To get your cooking to level 32, cook meat until you reach that level. Then, wear your Chef’s Hat and travel northwest from Varrok to find the Cook’s guild, or just look on the Runescape map.

Strong Attacks
Get a full body of armor and use your defensive attack. The attack will do at least 5 damage. The enemy will most likely drop nothing.


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