Rune Classic game cheats

Rune Classic game cheats

Rune Classic game cheats

Edit the user.ini file in the game directory, open it and find “G=” and “T=”, change to



Then enter the game press T to enter cheats mode, press G to enter invincible mode

Press ~ or [TAB] in the game, and then type:

Cheats Effect
CHEATPLEASE Turn on cheats mode (must enter)
GOD Invincible mode
GHOST Through the wall mode
FLY Flight mode
WALK Exit flight and wall through mode
SUMMON Item name Manufacturing items (see the list below)
OPEN Map name Jump off to [map name]
BEHINDVIEW 0 First-person perspective
PLAYERSONLY Suspend all non-controlling roles
KILLPAWNS Kill all enemies
TOGGLEFULLSCREEN Full screen mode on/off
PREFERENCES advanced options


Item name:

Use with the cheat book “summon item name”

VikingShortSword VikingBroadSword VikingShield
VikingShieldCross GoblinAxe GoblinShield
DwarfBattleSword DwarfBattleAxe DwarfBattleHammer
DwarfWorkSword DwarfWorkHammer DwarfBattleShield
RuneOfPower RuneOfPowerRefill RuneOfHealth
RuneOfStrength MagicShield DarkShield
RustyMace RomanSword SigurdAxe
HandAxe Torch

Map name:

Use with cheats “leveltravel map name” or “open map name” or “switchcooplevel map name”:

intro (Video introduction animation) ragnarvillage (Credits animation) ragnarvillage2
sailingship sinkingship sinkingship2
deepunder1odin deepunder1odinbv deepunder3
deepunder4 hel1 hel1a
hel1a2 hel1b hell2end
hel3a hel3b hellift
goblin1 goblin2 trialpit
beetlefly thorapproach thor1
thormap3 thormap4a thormap4b
thormap5a thormap5b thormap6loki
mountain1 mountain2 dwarftrans
dwarf1wwheel dwarfmap2 dwarfmap3a
dwarfmap3b dwarfmap5a dwarfmap5b
dwarfmap6darkdwarf loki1 loki1a
lokimaze loki2 loki3a
loki3b villageruin asgard (Ending Animation)

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