Rome Total War game cheats

Press “~” in the game and enter the following secret skills:

List_traits = list all traits

Move_character = move in concert

Give_trait_points = increase character traits

Force_diplomacy = Force the enemy to accept a diplomatic agreement

Invulnerable_general = invulnerable general

Date = change date

Kill_character = kill character

Season = change season

Give_trait = Give characters different levels of characteristics

Process_cq = Complete all buildings at once in Que

Toggle_fow = Start fog on the battlefield

Auto_win = automatic win

Create_unit = add unit

Add_population # = increase population (#)

Jericho = Landing on the wall in battle map mode

Add_money 20000 = add 20,000 yuan

Oliphaunt = 40% elephants in the campaign mode

Bestbuy = Reduce production cost by 10% in campaign mode
bestbuy sells combat units cheaply

Oliphaunt maximum travel route

Jericho, the city wall collapsed

Toggle_tow Show/hide the output window of the prompt bar

Add_money <> In the symbol is family, and money, you can fill in whatever you want, money can be positive or negative

Add_popilation <> The symbol is the name of the city, and the number, as above, it can have positive and negative

Move_character, move the specified character to another location (available on the CAMPAIGN map)

Auto_win automatically win the next battle

Create_unit Create a new unit, OPT is an optional item

Toggle_fow war smoke on/off

Toggle_restrictcam Lens restriction on/off

Give_ancillary give an auxiliary tool, in <> is the given unit name and deputy name

Give_trait gives a character trait, in <> is the character name, trait name and level, the default level is 1

Process_cq complete all the buildings in the waiting column, <> is the city name

Character_reset reset the character to return to the previous round

Show_cursorstat shows the direction of the pointer and the ID of each continent

Toggle_terrain Too many options, I will not introduce them one by one! The role is to adjust the terrain

Give_trait_pounts increase character trait points

List_traits show all characteristics

List_ancillaries show all auxiliary tools

Mp to move points to the character

List_characters show all character names, which family is the option

Show_landings displays the AI ​​and ID of the land, which is disabled by default

Filter_coastlines apply filter to world map coastlines

Toggle_coastlines Adjust the coastline of the strategic map

Set_building_health set the health value of the building

Ai_turn_speed Maximum speed round

Amdb_min, amdb_max set the maximum or minimum coverage of the flying vision

Amdb_offset is similar to the above function, but the position is different

Zoom adjust the lens distance

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