RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum game cheats

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum game cheats

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum game cheats

Change the name of the visitor to the following name to open the cheat state
ATITech⇒All characters move faster
Guido Fawkes⇒Allowed to enter the fireworks display
John D Rockefeller⇒Money increased by 10,000 yuan
Chris Sawyer⇒Visitors jump with joy
Melanie Warn⇒Tourists automatically become happy
D Lean⇒Open the flight camera to edit the route
Jonny Watts⇒See the world through the eyes of tourists
Sam Denney⇒Construction of all rideable facilities
Jon Roach⇒ Guests will ride all non-coasters before leaving the park
Andrew Gillett⇒Unknown role
David Braben⇒Speed ​​up and unlimited use of facilities
John Wardley⇒Amusement facilities cancel construction height restrictions
FPS⇒Display frame
James Hunt⇒Get a four-wheeled carriage.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel⇒train staff (cost: about 1000 USD plus the total cost necessary to fully train all your staff)
Make Me Sick⇒All tourists vomit and get sick
Atari⇒All tourists laugh
Frontier⇒All facilities will not be damaged
Alistair Lindsay⇒Quickly modify the speed at which the sound effect is played at the stop
Rick Griffiths⇒Change the inside of the tunnel from floor to shark on both sides, ceiling and floor
M Brookes⇒ allows you to place wall fragments and other landscape projects on the road
Mouse⇒All visitors look down on the ground
Ghost Town⇒All tourists leave
Shifty⇒Visitors dance
PhotoStory⇒ Take pictures.
David Walsh⇒CTRL-U You can hide the user interface (icons, menus, etc.)
Alvin Swazonegger ⇒ Allows the construction of large billboard movies in the park
Rabbit⇒The animals are constantly raised, making your animals reproduce very quickly, as fast as a rabbit…
Atomic ⇒ Create a big bang with a derailed roller coaster

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