Rockman x8 game cheats

rockman x8 game cheats

Rockman x8 game cheats:
1. X’s armor
Nectral Armor
There are only 9 levels at the beginning. In addition to Dynasty, there will be a flying saucer-type device at a specific point in each level. As long as X is the object of operation, you can get the Nectral Armor built for him by the doctor. The armor is divided into four parts: HEAD, BUSTER, BODY, and FOOT. Each part has two parts that can be equipped. You can get the armor by entering the hidden part of the initial level.
Nectral Armor can be selected in the character selection screen. After the selection, the components of each part can be selected. After the selection is completed, press START to confirm. Be careful not to press the circle, press the circle to cancel. The following is the description of each part:
Head Parts I makes the head have attack judgment. Head Parts H shortens the charging time
Buster Parts I achieves the highest charge attack. Buster Parts H learns another advanced charge, heading the first three directions
Body Parts I damage is halved, but the blood of the red grid will disappear quickly. Body Parts H The enemy is immune to basic attacks.
Foot Parts I can jump higher (not second stage) Foot Parts H speed increases and stealth when sprinting
2. Get Rare Metal in the level to develop new chips. See above for specific methods of obtaining.
3. Vile will enter and Inter Mission. Vile will appear in each level where there are trap rooms. It is not clear whether it will affect the ending if all of them appear, and the conditions for appearance are unknown.
4. Each level has an INTERMISSION, and the conditions of appearance are unknown. It is currently speculated to be related to the evaluation of the number of levels completed and the appearance of Vile. There is no reward for completing the task.
5. When Zero changes weapons, some skills will also change.
The following are the hidden elements after NORMAL cleared once.
6. ​​Hidden armor ULTIMATE is obtained when X’s evolution degree reaches 100%.
Head Parts U Press the button and the special weapon button to raise the dragon head…
Body Parts U damage is halved and quick recovery, even when under attack.
Buster Parts U The highest charged attack can paralyze the enemy.
Foot Parts U runs faster, jumps higher, and is invincible when sprinting.
Simultaneously add the skill Nova Strike, press a special button in the air, sprint attack, ordinary BOSS can not stand two attacks, this skill weapon slot consumes the whole, but the recovery is fast.
The damage will only turn into red blood.
Wearing advanced armor to use special weapons does not consume weapon slots.
7. After ZERO evolves to 95, you can choose black clothing, twice the attack power.
8. If AXL finally solves the BOSS in the final boss, and the completion reaches 100, you will get a white costume after clearing the level. The function is to stay in the air indefinitely while firing weapons, and there is no time limit for transformation.
9. Female characters can be used as long as relevant development parts appear in the development department. You can click the triangle on the selection screen, or you can strengthen it in the strengthened place. Alia is equivalent to X, Layer is ZERO, and Pallete is AXL. [color=red] The specific conditions are uncertain. After the NORMAL pass, under HARD difficulty, you can get the most used assistance in the last pass from the beginning, continue to complete the rate over 30 to get the second most used, the completion rate 67 can get the last one.

Rockman x8 unlimited METAL cheats
1 First of all you have to have a LIFE BOTTLE and a LIFE TANK
2 LIFE TANK dissatisfaction
3 Spend your METAL to less than 50,
4 Go to buy LIFE CHARGE
After   , you can find: you can buy whatever you want

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