Road Rash game cheats

Road Rash game cheats

Road Rash game cheats

Enter xyzzy in the game to turn on the cheats mode, and then enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

k’thunk! ⇒ Get a stick
thwack! ⇒ Get the iron whip
spoon!⇒Acceleration function
bribe⇒ Bribe the police to reduce the number of traffic police on duty
yes, occifer ⇒ kill the police
overkill⇒kill mode
plugh⇒Exit the secret skill mode (the player name changes back to white)
* The code must be entered completely correctly, because the entered secret code will not be displayed on the screen.

* It’s best to enter the secret technique during the time when you are running back to the car after a crash or fall, because if you enter it during normal driving, you have to take care of driving first, and then enter the secret technique, which is very troublesome. .

* When you have a “stick” or “iron whip”, sometimes your weapon in your hand may be snatched by the opponent in a fierce fight with the opponent, then you only need to re-enter accordingly.

* The secret technique of “killing the police” is not very easy to use. You can only kill one group of police at a time, and you have to choose the right time.

Other secrets:

1. During the race, press the small keyboard 8 + [Num Lock] + [Back Space] (backspace) key to make your car enter the automatic forward state, no longer need to long press the “forward” key. (Note: To cancel the secret technique, just reverse the key sequence, ie [Back Space] + [Num Lock] + [Keyboard 8]

2. After changing the name of the Cars folder under Data at will, any vehicles other than motorcycles will no longer appear on any track in the future.

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