Rising Kingdoms game cheats

Press enter
Octrta 7 Honor 3000 Gold 100 Jewelry Unit Training and Upgrade Speed ​​up
makemefamous 7 glory
makemerich 3000 gold 100 jewelry
fasterfaster unit training and upgrade research and development speed accelerated


cheat resource all+1000 = all resources plus 1000
cheat die [name] = kill immediately
cheat safe = Human castle machine gun protection
cheat sandbox = All players become human and the map is fully open
cheat ai [on, off, or debug]=Set artificial intelligence
cheat diff [0-5] = Set game difficulty
cheat achieve = show achievement
cheat defeat [name]=Fail
cheat victory [name] = victory
cheat tech[name][tech or all][on or of]=Display or change technology
cheat resource [name][goodtype or all][+ or -][number] = show or change resource
cheat age [number][name] = show or change age
cheat military [number][name]=Display or change military rank
cheat civic [number][name] = show or change city level
cheat commerce [number][name]=Display or change trade level
cheat science [number][name] = show or change science level
cheat library [number][name]=Display or change the library level
cheat reveal [on or off]=The map is fully open
cheat ranges [0 or 1] = show attack ranges
cheat damage [name or no entry][+ or -][number] = adjust damage value
cheat insert [number][type][who=RED][x,y] = build a building on the location
cheat add [number][type][who=RED][x,y] = build a building on the location
cheat finish=building finish
cheat bird = produce a wild bird
cheat nuke = produce nucleus
cheat explore [normal, explored, all]=Change explore settings
cheat pause [0 or 1] = game pause

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