Rise of the Triad game cheats (2013)

Rise of the Triad game cheats 2013

Rise of the Triad game cheats (2013)

1. Main Menu => Options (Options) => Game Settings (Gameplay) => Activate Console (Console).

2. Press ~ during the game to turn on the console.

3. Press ~ to enter dipstick to activate the cheats mode, and then press ~ in the game to enter the following cheats (not case sensitive)
God⇒Invincible Mode
Fly⇒Airplane mode
Walk⇒Turn off airplane mode
Gunfinity⇒Unlimited ammo/rocket etc.
Chojin⇒Invincible + Ammo + King’s Club
Shootme⇒Bulletproof armor
Burnme⇒Asbestos Armor
Cujo⇒Dog mode
Seeya⇒God Mode
Flyboy⇒Mercury Mode
Boing⇒Blast mode
Badtrip⇒Mushroom Mode
Vanilla⇒Get a bazooka
Hottimes⇒Get hot pursuit bullets
Booze⇒Get Drunken Bomb
Splitem⇒Get split bomb
Bones⇒Get the fire wall
Firebomb⇒Get Firebomb
Kesofdeath⇒Obtain the Dark Wand
Homerun⇒Get the King’s Club

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