rise of nations rise of legends game cheats

/cheat mana hero’s name + number = add power to the hero

/Cheat mana hero’s name-quantity = minus hero power

/Cheat resource your name resource type + quantity = add money

/Cheat resource your name resource type-quantity = minus money

/Cheat safe=Add steam bombers and super tanks next to the base

/Cheat explore normal or explored or all = change the map exploration method “ALL” means full open

/Cheat finish = The selected building is completed immediately

/Cheat mapgen = Generate a new map???

/Cheat dominance-Give desired dominance

/Cheat add quantity name = add house or unit to the pointer

/Cheat tech your name tech on = all technology

/Cheat reveal = map fully open

/Cheat ally or peace or war = your name force to play with one and be ally/hostile

/Cheat victory = win

Let me explain the secret book for adding a house or unit to the pointer.

No matter where the pointer is, you can add a house, even if it is next to the enemy base, you can immediately add a city (great city/large city/city)

When adding a unit, you only need to enter the name of the unit, and all spaces must be entered. For names with a bean number, only enter the part of the bean number signature, and the bean number is not counted.

Heroes can also be added at will, but the magical glass dragon (ELDER GLASS DRAGON) directly added in this way has no healing power and large waves.

Also, when the map is fully opened “/CHEAT REVEAL”, you cannot directly let the unit attack the places you shouldn’t see, although you still have to walk over before you can attack.

The third-generation industrial heroes in the situation do not know what the name is, because if you type “GIACOMO”, it will only appear as it was before the transformation.

write some common names below

KING = Industrial machinery spider (BOSS level)

ELDER GLASS DRAGON = Magical glass dragon (BOSS level)

MASTER FIRE GOLME = Flame Giant (BOSS Level)

ELDER GLASS GOLME = Crystal Giant (BOSS level)

DOOM=Industrial National Super Cannon (only available in combat, not in story mode)

CLOCKWORK MINE = mechanical miner

DESERT WALKER = ordinary swordsman of the magic family

AIR DESTROYER = steam bomber

PUZZLE BOX or HOLY ARK = two different supply units (add attack power)

DEFENSE = This is super fun, if you enter 20 DEFENSE, there will be 20 overlapping turrets, super fun (any buildings can be placed together)

STEAM CANNON = Steam Cannon

STEAM FORCES = tank factory (can attack)

GREAT CITY = the largest city

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