Rise of Nations Gold Edition game cheats

Rise of Nations Rise of Legends game cheats

Rise of Nations Gold Edition game cheats

Press [Enter] to input cheats:
cheat sandbox⇒Control all players
cheat bird⇒Summon a bird
cheat nuke⇒nuclear bomb
cheat die⇒can kill anything selected
cheat reveal⇒show all maps
cheat finish⇒Complete the building under construction
cheat safe⇒10 submachine gunner
cheat military research⇒Cancel your military research
cheat civic research⇒Cancel your civic research
cheat commerce research⇒Cancel your business research
cheat science research⇒Cancel your scientific research
cheat age research ⇒ cancel age research
Press [Enter] to enter “cheat keys on”, and then use the following key combination:
Alt+F5⇒+1,000 all resources
Alt+F9⇒Speed up the research/construction of the selected unit

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