Rise of Nations complete game cheats

Enter the following after pressing enter in the game:

cheat pause [1|0] – pause game
cheat sandbox – sets all players to human and the map to reveal all
cheat ai [on|off|debug]
cheat safe – safe creates lots of machine guns around every human capital
cheat diff [?:0-5] – sets difficulty
cheat achieve – Display Achievements
cheat ally (ally[who]) – force alliance with nation
cheat peace (peace[who]) – force peace with nation
cheat war (war[who]) – force war with nation
cheat meet (meet[who]) – force encounter with nation
cheat unmeet (unmeet[who]) – force encounter-off with nation
cheat human (human[who]) – turn off computer control
cheat computer (computer[who]) – turn on computer control
cheat defeat (defeat[who]) – defeat nation
cheat victory (victory[who]) – victory for nation
cheat tech (tech[who][tech|all][(on|off)]) – show or change technology
cheat resource (resource[who][goodtype|all][+|-][amount])
cheat age (age[age][who]) – show or change age for nation
cheat military (military[level][who]) – show or change military level for nation
cheat civic (civic[level][who]) – show or change civic level for nation
cheat commerce (commerce[level][who]) – show or change commerce level for nation
cheat science (science[level][who]) – show or change science level for nation
cheat library (library[level][who]) – show or change all library tech levels for nation
cheat bbox (1|0) – Toggle bounding box mode
cheat ranges (1|0) – show combat ranges
cheat die (die[o[,who]|select]) – kill object or all selected
cheat damage (damage(o[,who]|select)[+|-]damage ) – adjust damage to object or all selected
cheat insert (insert[#]typename[who=RED][x,y]) – insert unit or building at mouse loc
cheat add (add[#]typename[who=RED][x,y]) – insert unit or building at mouse loc
cheat finish (finish) – Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue
cheat bird – Drop a Wild Bird at Mouse
cheat nuke – Drop a Nuke at mouse position
cheat pack – Packs the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing units
cheat deploy – Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying units
cheat reveal (reveal[1|0]) – toggle reveal map
cheat explore (explore[normal|explored|all]) – change game explore config

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