Revenant game cheats

Revenant game cheats

Revenant game cheats

Press [Enter] in the game, enter the following cheats, and then press Enter to confirm, you can get the corresponding effect:
Function ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Cheats
Infinite life, magic, endurance⇒alreadydead
Unlimited mana, scroll ⇒ abracadabra
Increase life, magic, endurance ⇒ noamnesia
Resist any toxin ⇒ potionsnlotions
Various foods increase by 5 ⇒ gimmesomegrub
999,999 gold ⇒ alchemy
One hit kills ⇒ nahkranoth
Turn off monster AI⇒dummies
Press [F12] to enter edit mode⇒debug
List all allowed purchases⇒lookunderthehood
Unknown⇒spell pouch
Unknown ⇒ potionmix


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