Resident Evil game cheats

Resident Evil game cheats

Resident Evil game cheats

Rocket launcher with unlimited ammunition

Use Xiaojie or Chris to clear the level within three hours, and finally save the game. Start a new game and you will have a rocket launcher with unlimited ammunition

Transparent enemy

Use Xiaojie or Chris to successfully complete the game 2 times. Turn on the “Invisible Enemy” option. In this mode, all enemies will be transparent.

Samurai Edge gun

Use Xiaojie or Chris to complete the level within 5 hours (normal difficulty), and finally save the game. Start a new game, and then you will have the Samurai Edge gun

Turn on special function options

Use Xiaojie or Chris to clear the level within 5 hours (lighting mode) and turn on the Special Features option.

A dangerous zombie

Use Xiaojie or Chris to pass the level and turn on the One Dangerous Zombie option.


Use any hexadecimal editor (such as Pctools) to open the Savedat?.dat archive file in the game subdirectory (? takes 1-8 values), the offset 2c4h to 323h is the address of the item box, and 324h to 32fh are male The protagonist’s item address, 32fh to 333h are the heroine’s item addresses. Each item occupies 2 bytes, the first byte refers to the type of item, and the next byte refers to the number of items. The following are the codes of various items and ammunition specified in the previous byte.

01-dagger, 02-pistol, 03-shotgun, 04-revolver (fireball), 05-revolver (bullet),

06-flame thrower, 07- grenade gun (bullet), 08- grenade gun (sulfuric acid bomb),

09-Grenade gun (flame bullet), 0A-bazooka (non-infinite bullet), 0B-pistol bullet,

0C-shotgun bullets, 0D-revolver bullets, 0E-revolver bullets, 0F-flamethrower bullets,

10- grenade gun bullets, 11- grenade gun sulfuric acid shells, 12- grenade gun flame shells,

6F-Uzi submachine gun (unlimited bullets), 70-heavy machine gun (unlimited bullets).


With JILL as the protagonist, after finding a pool of blood in the restaurant, investigate the next room to find zombies. Ignore him, go back to BARRY quickly, and get the police officer’s bullet without any effort.

There are many low cabinets in the long corridor on the right side of the hall. Pushing that distinctive cabinet can find a magazine.

Mixing green grass with red grass can be made into a potion that can completely restore physical strength.

Quick opening method (BY meizi-hu)

Press “M (map)” when opening the door to realize the quick opening method of Resident Evil.


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