Resident Evil Code Veronica Game Modification Cheats


Resident Evil Code Veronica Game Modification Cheats

Resident Evil Code Veronica Game Modification Cheats

Xploder/RAW format


9011166C 0C048FF6


104301FC 000000C8

Number of archives 0

10430C80 00000000

Number of customs clearance 0

104314AA 00000000

Game time 0:00

204314A0 00000000

all files

2043146E 00FFFFFF

All hidden elements

10430C04 00001FFF

It is not recommended to use it at the beginning, and use it before putting on the machine:

The following are the items in the item box

Box 1: Bazooka

10430F70 000003E7

00430F72 00000001

Box 2: AK-47

10430F74 000003E7

00430F76 00000002

Box 3: M-100P double gun

10430F78 000003E7

00430F7A 0000008E

Box 4: Double shots in a row

10430F7C 000003E7

10430F7E 00000022

Box 5: Sniper rifle

10430F80 000003E7

10430F82 00000003

Box 6: Bow gun

10430F84 000003E7

10430F86 00000007

Box 7: Revolver

10430F88 000003E7

10430F8A 00000020

Box 8: Sulfur gun

10430F8C 000003E7

10430F8E 00000006

Box 9: Shotgun

10430F90 000003E7

10430F92 000000004

Box 10: Ion Cannon

10430F94 000003E7

10430F96 0000000B

Box 11: Ordinary sulfur bomb

10430F98 000003E7

10430F9A 0000000F

Box 12: Sulfuric acid bomb

10430F9C 000003E7

10430F9E 00000010

Box 13: Fire bomb

10430FA0 000003E7

10430FA2 00000011

Box 14: Ordinary Arrow

10430FA4 000003E7

10430FA6 00000012

Box 15: Gunpowder Bolt

10430FA8 000003E7

10430FAA 00000024

Box 16: Ribbon

10430FAC 000003E7

10430FAE 0000001F

Box 17: Great Restoration Herbs (Red + Blue + Green) Detoxification + Healing X3

10430FB0 000003E7

10430FB2 0000001D


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