Resident Evil 4 game guide

Resident Evil 4 game guide

Resident Evil 4 game guide:
1. Departure location (chapters 1-2, LEON and LIU were injected with worms, and it was the first time I met the merchant location! It is recommended that you save a file and do not cover it first)
2. Go out as far as possible without hurting the enemy.
got the two stones on the picture.
3. Use the two stones to open the door together. (There will be LOADING here, indicating that this is a continue point junction)
4. Turn around and kill the enemy who threw explosives in House B. In the future, LEON will refresh the enemies every time they go to the red dot in the picture (Note: You can only kill the enemies in Hut B, and you can’t kill the others. After killing all, go out and then come back. Just like the copy in WOW)
5. In this way, kill the brushed enemies -> go out again LOADING -> come back -> kill the brushed enemies -> go out again LOADING… keep looping… kill these brushes The enemy is very simple. As long as you go to the roof of B and then go to the upper platform to fight, it is very safe!
My test is that these two seed enemies can’t be killed, or they won’t be brushed. 2000-4000 gold (+10 rounds of 9mm bullets)/time, the best cost situation is to spend only one bullet/time (villagers who explode with explosives) six enemies will leave bullets and money after death.
Although the money doesn’t seem to be a lot, it is too useful in the initial stage, and he can spend unlimited money.

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