Resident Evil 3 weapon modification cheats

First use Fpe2000 to find the number of bullets, click on its address, press the “Edit” button on the left, and the memory address appears. For example, the inventory includes: Remington, a 6-round bullet, a Merlin pistol, a 5-round bullet, rescue One wound spray, one 100 rounds of M4A1 automatic rifle, its memory list is as follows: 04 06 01 00 05 05 01 20 01 00 00 0f 64 01

It means code:
0F: M4A1 automatic rifle
06: Bullet Gun
05: Melin pistol
04: Thunderstorm
0A: Cannon
11: Enhanced pistol
10: One-handed thunder boarding
14: Chasing the final shot
0D:? ? ? pistol
0B: Heavy machine gun
0C: Explosive gun
2A: Spray set
29: Red, green and blue combination herbs
13: Enhanced Edition Thunder

Note: When modifying a weapon, add 01 after the number of bullets to indicate that there is one. If it is not added back to the game, the inventory will be messed up. When modifying other items (not weapons), the above table should be empty 00 00. Remember Oh! In addition to heavy machine guns, other weapons have changed to FF, and 255 rounds will be reduced, and heavy machine guns will not be reduced! If you want all guns to have unlimited bullets, change 01 after the bullet to 03!

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