Resident Evil 3 game cheats

Resident Evil 3 game cheats

Resident Evil 3 game cheats:
Full blood cheats
(M)Required code
2 13N1-8AXB-4VJNK
Blood is not reduced
1 2N1W-XYT7-0025W

Resident Evil 3 Cheats 2
First, you must have the save of the fourth survivor of BIO2-Tofu, enter the gold finger 800D162E 000F (in the options of BIO3). Do not enter the game before playing BIO3. Wouldn’t there be a demonstration screen of Jiil killing zombies? If you see it If the person is not Jiil but tofu, then it is OK!
Played in the GD2 Chris Training Center model exhibition room, first displayed the certificate of the three services, took all the things in the room, left through the door or the stairs, and came in. Repeatedly twice, the shotgun bullet came back to life.
Actually… just take a note to know.
The clocks on the left and right sides are both at 12 o’clock, and of course the clock in the middle has to be adjusted to 12 o’clock.
How to adjust   ? Since the initial value of the clock in the middle is uncertain,
Therefore, I specially provide the form to everyone, hoping to reduce your game time.
The plus sign means clockwise for a few hours, and the minus sign means the opposite.
amber obsidian crystal
past -3 +3 +6
Now -2 +2 +4
Future -1 +1 +2
Haven’t you finished it yet?
Come on!!
EXTRA GAME is still waiting for you~
The water quality detector of the waste treatment plant B1 has roughly four modes. The Arabic numerals in front are the number of cells in the first four cells (just the first four cells are combined)
一. The answer is 3110
Then A: Left 1 B: Left 2 C Right 2
2. 2111 A right 1 B right 3 C left 4
三. 3021 A right 1 B right 1 C left 2
4.2010 A left 4 B right 2 C left 2
The allocation of ammunition will change with the number of times. For example, the first three times of powder A (B) is 15 rounds, and the seventh time you will be asked if you want to change the enhanced ammunition. You can pause by pulling out the handle (play time does not count ) Get the key to the clothing store: The game must be completed within 7 hours and cannot be stored more than 30 times.
Finally, if you want to get the diary of the heroine Jill, you must pass the level on semi-hard difficulty, and you must collect all the files in accordance with the process.

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