Rayman Forever game cheats

Rayman Forever game cheats

Rayman Forever game cheats

Note: The line of numbers above the letter must be used, pay attention to the difference between “0” and “o”

Effect Cheats
5 lives kom0ogdk
99 lives trj8p or raylives
General energy en5gol2g or power
Full of energy raypoint
Open 6 worlds 4ctrepfj
10 drops 86e40g91
Hidden levels b76b7081
Golden fist 2x2rmfmf or goldfist
Next map o8feh

Alternate cheats

Press [tab] in the game to enter the following cheats:


Effect Cheats
Full of energy points
All gold coins goldens
+5 lives lives05 [Backspace]
+20 lives lives20 [Backspace]
+50 lives lives50 [Backspace]
Move freely moveray [Backspace]

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