Raptor Call of the Shadows game cheats

Raptor Call of the Shadows game cheats

Raptor Call of the Shadows game cheats

Add energy

After starting the mission, press the [Backspace] key to increase energy infinitely

Unlimited money

At the beginning of the first mission of the first level, press the Backspace button to get a laser gun according to the blood increase method. After getting a few laser guns (not too many), press the Esc button to abandon the mission, and select in the apron Enter the supply store and sell the extra laser guns. You can get 470,500 yuan for each one. There should be no problem buying a double-barrel laser gun for 1.75 million yuan in the future.

Money modification

Choose the character you want during the game, save it and exit, modify CHAR0000?FIL, change DISP 0038 to DISP 0040 of SECT 0000 to FF FF 64, you can have a lot of money.

Quickly pass

After entering the mission, just slam into the enemy plane. When the blood runs out and the fighter plane is about to fall, press the Backspace button to pass this level directly.

Invincible Fighter

Before entering the game, enter SET SHOST=CASTLE under DOS and then enter the game, the weapons will be full and they will not die.

Wonder Mode

When selecting a task, move the mouse, turn on the button at the bottom of the middle, and then execute the game to enter a different mode from the normal situation. Before the game, change the system date to May 16 to enter this state.

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