Rapala Fishing game guide

Rapala Fishing game guide

Rapala Fishing game guide

Cheats for opening all items:


Cheats Effect
UnlockAllItems Turn on all props
UnlockAllTours Open all matches

Rapala Fishing game operation method:
Commonly used control keys are Q W E R A S D F Z X C V

1. Do not loosen the left button when hooking, the force control bar will show the magnitude of force, slide the mouse forward, and release the left button before the end of the force (similar to the actual fishing hook);

2. Fishing mostly uses simulated bait. Therefore, after you finish hooking, release the right button one by one and slowly retract the fishing line (the bait will swim in the water because of the retraction), and the carnivorous fish will attack the bait;

3. Click the left button immediately after biting, and the mouse will slide backwards suddenly (that is, the actual fishing rod is different from the actual sliding position), and when the rod is almost completed, click the right button to start the line. Note: When closing the line, pay attention to the triangle sliding mark at the top of the screen. If the fish is too big and the escape force is too strong, the triangle mark will automatically slide to the right. When it reaches the reddest position, the fish will be off the line.

4. When fighting fish, you can use the several commonly used keys I mentioned above to adjust the viewing angle, which is very cool. The whole process is almost the same as the actual fishing.

5. The speed of retracting and releasing the fishing line can be adjusted with the control key.

6. If you feel that you are too dazzling underwater after hooking down, press the X key to switch to surface mode, of course you can also use the X key to switch back to underwater.

How to make money from Rapala Fishing:
In the game, players not only need to fish, but also need to upgrade their fishing tackle and boats at all times, but this requires a lot of money, so how to make money in the game, here is how to make money quickly.

Since this game is fishing, it is natural to make money through fishing. Players can catch big fish by continuously improving their fishing skills. You need to control the types of fish that can be loaded on your boat and sell them when you catch them. Of course, the higher the pound, the more expensive the fish, but it is more difficult to catch. It is recommended to go to the game area with more fish like California to remove it, so that it can be sold in large quantities. Then after upgrading the boat’s fishing tackle, the amount of fish that can be loaded can increase, and the difficulty of fishing will decrease, so that it will naturally snowball and make money faster and faster.

How to catch sharks in Rapala Fishing:
In the game, if you catch ordinary fish for a long time, you will have a very tiring and boring feeling. If you want to play a little bit of excitement, you can also choose to fish for sharks. The following is a shark fishing method.

In fact, in this game, because fishing is still the main focus, sharks are very uncommon. There must be no sharks only in ordinary rivers. If you choose to go to a state with sea and sail into the sea, you can encounter sharks. Basically any bait can be used for shark fishing, but you still need to face danger. Sharks are more difficult to catch than ordinary fish, and the difficulty is increased to the maximum, and the fault tolerance rate is also very low, so you need to use the mouse to rewind the line. If you fail, try a few more times, after all, sharks are not so easy to catch.

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