Rage of Mages game cheats

Rage of Mages game cheats

Rage of Mages game cheats

Press Enter in the game to enter the information input state, then type #Chicken to activate the cheats function, and then enter the following cheats:
(Pay attention to the case difference)
#pickup all⇒Pick up all sacks on the map
#killall⇒Kill all enemies
#hide map⇒Hide the map
#modify self +god⇒God mode
#create gold⇒Add money cheats
#modify army +god⇒The enemy becomes God mode
#event x⇒Display the dialogue with the specified character, and × is a number.
#show map⇒Show all maps
#modify self spells⇒All spells (witchcraft)
#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword⇒Get a special weapon

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