Quake3 Team Arena game cheats

Quake3 Team Arena game cheats

Quake3 Team Arena game cheats

Press ~ in the game to open the console and enter the following cheats

(To activate the cheats, you must load a map with devmap +map. For example: devmap q3dm1)

/god⇒God mode
/noclip⇒Fly around the map freely, even over the walls
/give all ⇒ all 57 and ammo
/iamacheater⇒Simple (Skill 1)
/iamamonkey⇒Hard level (Skill 100)
/give [item name]⇒Get items
/model sarge/krusade⇒Hide skin
The following are the item names:

Use with cheats/give [item name]

Allammo⇒Get ammunition for all weapons
battle suit⇒ battle suit
bfg10k⇒Get the weapon BFG-10K
flight⇒Flying suit
gauntlet⇒Protective gloves
grappling hook⇒anchor grappling hook
grenade launcher⇒ grenade launcher
health⇒Health Medicine
invisibility⇒Invisible medicine
lightning gun⇒lightning gun
machinegun⇒Machine gun
medkit⇒health medicine pack
personal teleporter⇒ personal teleporter
plasma gun⇒Plasma gun
quad damage⇒ quadruple damage
railgun⇒rail gun
regeneration⇒Regenerative medicine
rocket launcher⇒ rocket launcher

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