Quake game cheats

Quake game cheats

Quake game cheats

Press ~ in the game, enter the following cheats, and press Enter to confirm:

impulse 9⇒All weapons and props
fly⇒flight mode
god⇒Invincible mode
noclip⇒through wall mode
impulse 255 or impulse -1⇒ gain 4 times attack power
impulse 11⇒Add a spell (input 4 times to get all)
r_fullbright 1 ⇒ turn on flash and light effects (r_fullbright 0 exit)
skill #⇒Set Skill Level# (# is 0-3)
kill ⇒ restart
give #⇒Get #weapon (#1-8 correspond to different guns)
give C #⇒reload (# is 0-255)
give H #⇒Plus life (# is 0-32767)
give N #⇒Nail bullet (# 0-255)
give R #⇒Add rockets (# is 0-255)
give S #⇒Plus cannonball (# is 0-255)
sv_gravity #⇒Set gravity #
sv_nostep #⇒Continue to the next steps? # Is 0 or 1
sv_stopspeed #⇒Stop the time spent
sv_friction #⇒moving friction
sv_maxspeed #⇒Maximum speed of movement
cl_rollangle #⇒screen angle
cl_forwardspeed #⇒The speed of forward movement
cl_backspeed #⇒The speed of backward movement
cl_sidespeed #⇒strafing speed
Jumping Cheats

If you type “map e1m2”, you will jump to Castle of the Damned

map e1m1⇒The Slipgate Complex
map e1m2⇒Castle of the Damned
map e1m3⇒The Necropolis
map e1m4⇒The Grisly Grotto
map e1m5⇒Gloom Keep
map e1m6⇒The Door to Chthon
map e1m7⇒The House of Chthon
map e1m8⇒Ziggurat Vertigo (Hidden Off)
map e2m1⇒The Installation
map e2m2⇒The Ogre Citadel
map e2m3⇒The Crypt of Decay
map e2m4⇒The Ebon Fortress
map e2m5⇒The Wizard’s Manse
map e2m6⇒The Dismal Oubliette
map e2m7⇒The Underearth (Hidden Off)
map e3m1⇒Termination Central
map e3m2⇒The Vaults of Zin
map e3m3⇒The Tomb of Terror
map e3m4⇒Satan’s Dark Delight
map e3m5⇒The Wind Tunnels
map e3m6⇒Chambers of Torment
map e3m7⇒The Haunted Halls (hidden off)
map e4m1⇒The Sewage System
map e4m2⇒The Tower of Despair
map e4m3⇒The Elder God Shrine
map e4m4⇒The Palace of Hate
map e4m5⇒Hell’s Atrium
map e4m6⇒The Pain Maze
map e4m7⇒Azure Agony
map e4m8⇒The Nameless City (Hidden Off)
map end⇒Shub-Niggurath’s Pit

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