Quake 4 game cheats

Add +seta com_allowConsole ‘1’ to the target’Quake4.exe’ of the shortcut of the game execution file to open the console in the game (e.g.’F:\id Software\Quake 4\Quake4.exe’ +seta com_allowConsole ‘ 1’).
In the game, press the ~ key (the key under ESC on the TAB) to call up the console, and enter the devmap map name on the command line to open the map in cheat mode (such as devmap mp/q4dm8). The map of the stand-alone game is in the game directory , The multiplayer game map is in the mp directory. Enter after entering the game

god invincible
give all get all weapons and equipment
noclip through the wall and flying
notarget implicit
kill suicide
killmonsters kill all monsters
give ammo full ammo
give health full of blood
give keys have all the keys
Use com_showfps 1 to view FPS in the game.

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