Quake 4 detailed game cheats

After entering the game, press “Ctrl + Alt + ~” at the same time to open the console, and then enter the following commands.

Secret technique effect
give item_health_mega health value +100 to 200
g_showplayershadow (number) 1 shows the shadow, 0 does not show the shadow
com_showfps (number) 1 shows the frame speed on the screen, 0 does not show
constantly (number) 1 is on, 0 is off
pm_thirdperson (number) 1 opens the third person perspective, 0 closes
give all get all weapons, full of ammunition, life, and armor
editor Close the game and open the map editor
kill suicide
testlight creates a new light source in the direction you face
benchmark game test
give weapon_dmg get dark matter gun and some ammunition
give weapon_grenadelauncher get grenade launcher and some ammunition
give weapon_hyperblaster get hyperblaster and some ammunition
give weapon_lightninggun get laser gun and ammunition
give weapon_machinegun get machine gun and ammunition
give weapon_nailgun get a nailgun and ammunition
give weapon_railgun get railgun and ammunition
give weapon_rocketlauncher get rocket launcher and ammunition
give weapon_shotgun get shotgun and ammunition
give weapons get all weapons (no ammunition)
give ammo
give all weapons give all weapons (some ammunition)
gfxinfo graphics card information
pm_noclipspeed (number) Your moving speed in wall through mode
pm_crouchspeed (number) The speed of your movement when crouching
pm_speed (number) The speed at which you walk and run
pm_jumpheight (number) The height of your jump
quit Exit the game directly
give armor maximum armor
give health maximum health
killmonsters kill all monsters and NPCs in the current level
poplight remove the light source you created with “testlight” earlier
screenshot X Y Reset the screen size according to the X and Y values ​​you give (4:3 ratio, such as 800 600, 1024 768)
avidemo saves your current game as a DEMO file in avi format
g_knockback (number) set to 0 to prevent monsters from attacking you
g_stoptime (number) Set to 1 to stop time (only move around), 0 to resume time
spawn char_marine summons a team member to assist in combat
spawn char_marine_medic summons a medic to treat you
spawn char_marine_tech_armed summons an advanced soldier who can fight and replenish ammunition for you
noclip through the wall mode
GOD God immortal mode
notarget incognito mode

Level password Level name
airdefense1 jump to Air Defense Base
airdefense2 jump to Air Defense Trenches
convoy2 jump to Aqueducts
convoy2b jump to Aqueducts Annex
convoy1 jump to Canyon
walker jump to Construction Zone
network2 skip to Data Networking Security
network1 jump to Data Networking Terminal
process2 skip to Data Processing Security
storage2 skip to Data Storage Security
dispersal jump to Dispersal Facility
process1 jump to game/process1
storage1 jump to game/storage1
hangar1 jump to Hangar Perimeter
hangar2 jump to Interior Hangar
mcc_landing jump to MCC Landing Site
core1 jump to Nexus Core
hub2 jump to Nexus Hub
hub1 jump to Nexus Hub Tunnels
mcc_1 skip to Operation: Advantage
mcc_2 jump to Operation: Last Hope
building_b skip to Perimeter Defense Station
putra jump to Putrification Center
recomp jump to Recomposition Center
medlabs skip to Strogg Medical Facilities
core2 jump to The Nexus
tram1 jump to Tram Hub Station
tram1b jump to Tram Rail
waste jump to Waste Processing Facility

Summon monster cheats

Input command:
spawn monster_ monster name (if the monster name has a space, please change the space to _)

The current list of monsters that can be summoned:
Iron Maiden
Strogg Marine
Stream Protector
Teleport Dropper

If the monster is not enough to kill, use this command to summon the monster out of madness.
Except for the corpse of Makron that will not disappear after death, other monsters will disappear as long as they are solved.


Xbox360 version cheats

During the game, press the BACK key to bring up the task list window, and then you need to input quickly. The first is because the game will not be paused at this time; the other reason is that the password input has a time limit, if your speed is too slow, it will not take effect. There is no prompt information and sound after success.

Full ammunition for all weapons: B, A, X, Y, left, right, left

Restore all health: B, A, B, A, up, up, down, X

Life value is maintained at “1” or above: down, up, down, down, up, right, left, right, Y, X, X, A


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