Quake 3 Arena game cheats

Quake 3 Arena game cheats

Quake 3 Arena game cheats

Third person perspective

Press “~” in the game and enter:

/cg_thirdperson 1⇒The third person perspective

in the game. These are some useful codes, you can get any of your items, the host must be started with /devmap +map [level name].
/give all ⇒ all 57, ammunition
/give weapons⇒ weapons
/give rocket launcher⇒Rocket launcher
/give grappling hook⇒claw hook?
/give ammo⇒999 ammo
/give rockets⇒Rockets
/give quad damage⇒4 times damage
/give battle suit⇒Battle suit
/give haste⇒Haste
/give flight⇒flight
/give regeneration⇒Rebirth
/give invisibility⇒Invisibility
/give personal teleporter⇒Communication device
/give medkit⇒Get medical kit
/give health⇒Full life
/give mega health⇒Super life
/give 50 health⇒50 health pack.
/give 25 health⇒25 health pack.
/give armor⇒Armor
/give heavy armor⇒Heavy armor
Increase robot

/kick botname⇒Kick people
/addbot botname⇒Add robot
/timelimit or /fraglimit⇒Set time quantity

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