Quake 2 Ground Zero game cheats

Quake 2 Ground Zero game cheats

Quake 2 Ground Zero game cheats

Cheats: Press “~” to enter:

Give All⇒All 57
God⇒God Mode
Give ChainFist⇒Chain Fist
Give ETF Rifle⇒ETF Rifle
Give Plasma Beam⇒Plasma Beam
Give Prox Launcher⇒Inductive launcher
Give Tesla⇒Tesla
Give Double Damage⇒Double Damage
Give Hunter Sphere⇒Hunter Sphere
Give Defender Sphere⇒Defender Sphere
Give Vengeance Sphere⇒Vengeance Sphere
Give A-M Bomb⇒A-M Bomb
Give IR Goggles⇒Infrared goggles
Give Doppleganger⇒Doppleganger
Give Flechettes⇒ETF’s rifle ammunition
Give Prox⇒Inductively fired ammunition
Give ammo⇒Ammo

The following is a cheat for skipping levels, just enter it directly

Press “~” to enter the following in the game

Map rmine1⇒Lower Mines
Map rmine2⇒Mine Engineering
Map rlava1⇒Thaelite Mines
Map rlava2⇒Tectonic Stabilizer
Map rware1⇒Eastern Warehouse
Map rware2⇒Waterfront Storage
Map rbase1⇒Logistics Complex
Map rbase2⇒Tactical Command
Map rhangar1⇒Research Hangar
Map rhangar2⇒Maintenance Hangars
Map rsewer1⇒Waste Processing
Map rsewer2⇒Waste Disposal
Map rammo1⇒Munitions Plant
Map rammo2⇒Ammo Depot
Map rboss⇒Widow’s Lair

Quake II Extremities game cheats:

Enter the following content in the game to get the corresponding effect

god⇒Invincible mode
give all ⇒ get all guns
gunlimitedammo 1⇒Unlimited ammo

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