Quake 2 game cheats

Quake 2 game cheats

Quake 2 game cheats

After pressing the “~” key in the game, enter the following characters in the information window to get the corresponding cheats:
give all ⇒ get everything
noclip⇒through wall mode
god⇒God mode
g_unlimited_ammo 1⇒Unlimited ammo (available in version 3.14)
give (Ammunition Name) #⇒Add Ammunition # is a number
give (weapon name) pay attention to the following ⇒ get the weapon
give (item name) #⇒Get item # is a number
give cells #⇒Battery
give BFG⇒get BFG
give rockets #⇒The rocket xxx is a number
give rocket launcher⇒get rocket launcher
sv_gravity #⇒Set gravity, 0 weightlessness 850 normal
give armor⇒200 body armor
give jacket armor⇒1 armor
give combat armor⇒1 armor
give body armor⇒1 armor
give shotgun ⇒ get shotgun
give super shotgun⇒get super shotgun
give machinegun⇒Get a machine gun
give chaingun⇒Get a super machine gun
give grenade launcher⇒get grenade launcher
give rocket launcher⇒Get rocket launcher
give hyperblaster⇒Get a good stuff–high energy blasting gun
give railgun⇒Get Railgun
give bfg10k⇒ get BFG 10,000
dmflags 8192 ⇒ unlimited ammo
Jump off

Press “~” during the game.

Enter map <level name>.

Outer Base⇒base1.bsp
Comm Center⇒base3.bsp
Lost Station⇒train.bsp
Ammo Depot⇒bunk1.bsp
Supply Station⇒ware1.bsp
Main Gate⇒jail1.bsp
Destination Center⇒jail2.bsp
Security Complex⇒jail3.bsp
Torture Chambers⇒jail4.bsp
Guard House⇒jail5.bsp
Grid Control⇒security.bsp
Mine Entrance⇒mintro.asp
Upper Mines⇒mine1.bsp
Drilling Area⇒mine3.bsp
Lower Mines⇒mine4.bsp
Receiving Center⇒fact1.bsp
Sudden Death⇒fact3.bsp
Processing Plant⇒fact2.bsp
Power Plant⇒power1.bsp
The Reactor⇒power2.bsp
Cooling Facility⇒cool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dump⇒waste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1⇒waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2⇒waste3.bsp
Big Gun⇒biggun.bsp
Outer Hangar⇒hangar1.bsp
Comm Satelite⇒space.bsp
Research Lab⇒lab.bsp
Inner Hangar⇒hangar2.bsp
Launch Command⇒command.bsp
Outer Courts⇒city1.bsp
Lower Palace⇒city2.bsp
Upper Palace⇒city3.bsp
Inner Chamber⇒boss1.bsp
Final Showdown⇒boss2.bsp

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