Quadra game cheats

Quadra game cheats

Quadra game cheats

How Do You Get Really Good High Scores?
As a beginner you should try to do build ups on the early levels, and then concentrate on staying alive once you get to the higher levels. But once you get more experienced you should find that you will be able to do big build ups on higher levels where the blocks fall faster. Learning how to use the left rotate and the right rotate buttons is also very important and will help you place the blocks in the right positions on the faster levels.

Pausing Multiplayer Games
Pausing is done with the ‘Pause/Break’ key usually found at the top right of your keyboard. Any player can pause a multiplayer game. The only players able to unpause the game are the player the paused the game and the host.

Multiplayer Tips
Multiplayer games are all about being fast, very fast. To be real good at multiplayer game practice playing really fast and try and send lines when ever you can. If there are more than 3 or 4 players in the game, you should not try a big build up (unless your sure you can pull it off) because you will get lines dumped on you making you no longer able to pull of the build up. Another tip is when you have a build up, dont use it until another player is nearly dead, as when you send the lines you will kill the other player and get a frag for it.


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