Psychonauts game cheats

Psychonauts game cheats

Psychonauts game cheats

In the game, hold down [Left Shift] + right mouse button and then quickly press the following keys to get the corresponding effect:

X, X, F, E, [Tab], F⇒All Psi energy
[Tab], click the mouse wheel, [Tab], E, X, E⇒Upgrade all Psi energy
Click the mouse wheel, [Space], [Tab], [Tab], F, X⇒Full ammo
[Space], click the mouse wheel twice, E, F, left mouse button ⇒ arrow full
[Tab], E, E, X, [Space], click the mouse wheel ⇒ full life
Click the mouse wheel, X, E, E, [Tab], F⇒ball props
(Excluding Psi Colorizer and Dream Fluffs)

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