Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy gaming strategy

Hidden character method:
In the main menu, use the arrow keys to select the EXTRA CONTENT option and press the R1 key

After the input keyboard appears, enter 546546

SCORPION will be on the stage (SCORPION with a gun is full of new ideas!)

Complete game guide

Introduction to super powers:

PK: Flame Super Power

TK: Super Ability to Move Objects in Space

MC: Mind Control Superpower

AV: Super Eye Super Power

RV: Penetrating observation superpower

MD: Absorb mental superpowers

Introduction to main operations:

F—hand-to-hand combat; C—squat; Tab—switch primary and secondary weapons; Space—jump/start the mechanism; Ctrl—weapon automatic aiming

Right mouse button—TK; Q—PK; X—MC; Z—RV; V—AV; Z—RV; E—MD; middle mouse button—control the height of objects in the space

G—Open/close the scope in sniper mode


I was lying on the bed, the doctor and the leader next to me were talking something, I vaguely heard that Movement would come to attack Mindgate soon, I am the best fighter in Mindgate, now remove my super power memory so that I can get in. Movement, but my memory will gradually come back. Begin to remove the memory, PK, Tk, all the memories of super powers in my mind are being, being…

I am an ordinary soldier. Movement attacked us. My teammates and I were arrested. We were taken to the base of Movement. A guy with glasses was advertising Movement to everyone. At this time, a general came in and he Say we are his soldiers, we will either fight for him or die. I don’t believe this. I grabbed the gun of the soldier next to him and killed him. One of my teammates also rushed out, but the gun was lifted by a fat man, and then we were also lifted by him, General I swayed back and forth between my teammates and I for a while and finally chose to kill my teammate, and I was put in jail…

Welcome to the movement

While I was sleeping in the dark cage, I heard someone calling my name. The door opened and a mysterious woman appeared in front of me. She claimed to be here to help me and gave me a gun. She asked me to find her in the supply room. No, how could I believe her so easily, but in any case, this will at least allow me to escape this ghost place.

I walked out of the cell and killed the soldiers patrolling in front of me. I came to the door at the end. The door has a laser net and I can’t open it. Fortunately, there is the control room on the left. Kill the soldiers inside. I pressed the control button and the laser was cancelled. I went back and searched the cells and found several medical kits. Open the door. Oh, my companions, they were taken away. After killing the soldiers below, I opened the front door, killed the soldiers in the interrogation room at the far left and got the key to the supply room, and I finally saw the mysterious woman in the supply room. She told me that my teammates were taken to the next floor to be remodeled, and I must restore my ability. Oh, damn, what did you inject me, who are you? She said that her name is Sara, a double agent, and she is now working in the movement. She gave me the access card for the power supply room downstairs and went to the second floor to wait for me. Oh, it seems that the medicine she gave me is starting to work. I remembered that I had undergone superpower training ten years ago… I recovered part of my abilities, which is a kind of thing that can be lifted in space. Ability, with it, I can easily lift the enemy up. After picking up the mental supplies around me, I went down the stairs and rushed all the way to the power supply room. After eliminating all the enemies, I pulled down the switch. At this time, Sara talked to me through mental power, and she told me to go to the elevator quickly. Back upstairs, the door just now can be opened. After opening the door, I recalled the previous training again. That is the ability to see the situation behind the door with mental power. By the way, I can use it to check the situation before opening a door, and rush out to kill the enemy when his back is facing me. In this way, I went all the way to the control room. After killing a scientist, I pressed the button next to it, and the door outside could be opened. When I left, I did not forget to pick up the medicine bag and mental supplies in the house. I went out to open the door and killed all the soldiers, but the machine gun directly in front gave me a headache. First pick up the medicine bag and mental supplies on the right. I took advantage of the opportunity to turn and rushed directly under it and opened the door. . (The hidden quest items for this level can be found outside the room with the machine gun before clearing the level by jumping from the railing opposite the door)


I took the elevator to the second floor. Sara asked me if I remembered who I was and if I remembered my superpowers, but I cared more about the teammates who were arrested with me. I wanted to find them. Sara said it was too late, they Being transformed into a soldier, I don’t care, I want to try. Opening the door, the memories of the past resurfaced in my mind again. This time my ability surprised me. I can absorb the energy of the enemy to replenish my mental power. The front door was closed. I took the platform on the left to the opposite side (you can also go down the ladder). On the way, I threw the enemy on the opposite side under the cable and electrocuted it. I pressed the button to open the door and went back to open the door. Oh? The door on the right was open, so I walked in. It’s a trap, the door is closed, damn it, it’s bulletproof glass. I can’t break it. The room is starting to emit poisonous gas. I have to find a way. At this moment, I saw the enemy outside the door, and I used my superpower to lift him up. The glass in front of me fell off, the glass broke, and I escaped. Moving on, it was another trap like this. This time I learned my lesson. I used my superpowers to drag the scientist out of the house to kill and get his key card. I got the medicine packet in the front room. Going out from the left door, I saw my teammate. You are not dead. That’s great. I’ll save you. Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why attack me? I shot him and killed him in desperation. His head exploded, what was going on, how could he become like a zombie. Sara told me that they were all transformed into soldiers fighting only for Movement. I was really angry and I wanted to clean them up. Saying goodbye to my teammates, I continued to move forward, taking advantage of the enemy in the room on the right not paying attention to me and walking over. First enter the room on the right. The super powers let me know that there are two people inside, there are alarms, and there is a door opening device that leads to Cryo storage that I need. Kill the two scientists when I walked in. I didn’t let them sound the alarm this time. After getting the door opening device on the table, I took away the medicine packet and mental supplies in the house. Moving forward, I opened the door with the device to enter Cryo storage. I kept coming to the door of the MainFrame room, but this requires a password and I cannot get in. At this time, Sara told me that the password is only available for Leonav. He is a soldier of Movement and her boss . Walking forward to Leonav’s room, I overheared the conversation inside. He and the other person had a bit of disagreement over the production progress of the soldiers. The fat man said that he and the general were about to go to the Black Sea. Fortunately, he did not find me outside. I sneaked into the house with mental power and saw the password on Leonav’s desk. I went back and opened the door of the Mainframe. Go in and destroy a few enemies Sara tells me to go to the ventilation system to find her. Back in the same way, I first went to the opposite side of the third floor to get some supplies, then went back to the second floor and crossed the bridge in front of the lift. I came to the ventilation system, and went in without a hurry to find Sara. I opened the small door in front. Climbing up the box, I lifted the box under my feet with mental strength and then climbed up the ventilation duct on the right. I found the medicine packet inside. Then I turned on the fan switch on the side to blow the enemy behind and blow it to death. I turned off the fan, and I found a mental supply on the opposite side. Going down and opening the door next to me I saw Sara. She said that there are three abandoned nuclear bombs here, but they still have enough destructive power. I must put them in three key locations of the base, so that the base can be completely destroyed. Go out and throw a few guard soldiers down to death. I will return to plant the nuclear bomb. I first installed the first nuclear bomb in the Implant ops, then the Mainframe room, and finally came to the Cryo storage, and everything was installed. Damn it, Leonav. He found me. I was called a mouse by him. So he didn’t bother to fight me. At this time, the doors of the eight devices next to him opened, and the soldiers walked out continuously. Leonav used his mental power to control their attacks. I, the soldier controlled by Leonav will rush to me desperately. It will explode within a certain period of time. I should stay away from them. There was a steady stream of soldiers. It was obviously not the way to attack them. I used my mental power to control the soldiers who would explode and threw them to the surrounding doors, blowing up the devices that flowed out of the soldiers. With my unremitting efforts, I finally destroyed them. It’s time for Leonav to play, and after killing the soldier next to him, I will fight this super soldier. I’d better stay away from him. One of his close and straight attacks will cause me a lot of damage. To be honest, his two fireball attacks are not threatening, but his other steering attacks give me quite a headache. This will make me lose my sense of direction, run around and bump, and I pick up various supplies around Leonav while dealing with Leonav. As I shot, I lifted the surrounding objects and hit Leonav, I finally defeated Leonav, no! To be precise, I thought I defeated him. He was too powerful. He controlled my actions with super powers, and made me draw out a pistol and point it at my head. Oh no, what should I do, my hand is about to pull the trigger. At this very moment, the countdown to the bomb I installed was over, the nuclear bomb exploded, and I think Leonav is over. At this time Sara told me that the base was going to explode, and I had to go to the landing site on the top floor. It took only two minutes. I rushed to the third floor non-stop. Enemies harassed me constantly, and sometimes falling boulders blocked me. In my way, I use my superpowers to move away the boulders, as for the enemy, I only destroy those in the way. After getting to the top floor by de-escalation, I rushed all the way and finally came to the landing field. I saw the general. He regretted that he should kill me when he saw me for the first time. This was about to explode, and the general didn’t care about killing me, so I left this place by plane. No time, where is Sara, why would I believe her. At this time, Sara drove the helicopter and broke through the wall. I grabbed the landing gear of the helicopter. The moment we left the base, with a bang, the base was turned into nothing…


We took a helicopter and arrived at Movement’s base on the Black Sea. Then, a plane flew over, and a fat man walked out of the plane. I remember this guy who attacked us when I was arrested. Sara said she was going to scout to see what happened, and I should wait for the opportunity. The front is the enemy’s sentry. The light of the searchlight passes around me from time to time. I found a medicine pack and a sniper rifle behind the box in the rear. I can use it to solve the enemy on the sentry, but I did not choose to do so While observing the movement pattern of the searchlight, I moved forward slowly against the wall on the right, climbed down the roof in front, and found the door to the inside. I wiped out a few soldiers in the house. I found some supplies on and in the box under the stairs. Then I picked up the mental supplies in front of me and hurried upstairs. I opened the door and saw Sara. Sara told me that this is the forward position of Movement, Barret is the head here, and he is the general’s right hand. Oh, I thought Barret was also man-made, she gave me a key card to contact HQ in the contact room. Picking up the medicine pack and sniper rifle next to me, I tackled the sniper on the opposite roof. I followed the ladder to the ground. At this time, I regained my memory. This time the ability is even more amazing. It allows me to control the enemy’s actions with mental power. Oh, this is really convenient, but this skill is quite energy-consuming. force. There are quite a lot of supplies in the front hut. After picking it up, I used mental power to control the guard inside the door and opened the door for myself, but obviously I can still use this guy for a while. I control him to go around to the enemy. Killed them all behind, and then walked to the side of the fire extinguisher, shot the fire extinguisher, and boomed, this puppet went to the west, really effortless. I returned my spirit to my body, walked through the door and climbed up the front roof with the help of the box. Through the skylight, I saw an enemy below. I controlled him in the same way and killed some enemies in the house. Then it was my time. I smashed the skylight with a gun and jumped into the house to destroy the remaining enemies. I went to the console and entered the password. Damn, it’s no use. Turning around and killing a soldier. I got the key card to go to Barret’s office. I walked into his office and I saw Sara. She stole Luna-1 from Barret’s safe. Although I don’t know what it is for, I am sure it is very important to the general. Sara gave it to me. She said that she will continue to investigate Movement to find her lost sister. She wants to know if she is still alive. So we split up. I came out and killed a soldier. I got the door card to go to the dock. When I came to the dock, I used my superpower to see that there were three soldiers talking inside. I opened the door and controlled one of them. I used him to destroy the remaining two. With energy, I walked forward and climbed up the control tower, and killed the soldiers on the tower from behind. After turning on the crane to remove a container, his mission was completed. I chose to jump off the tower to end it. His life. I walked into the dock and there were some supplies on the seashore on the right. I took the supplies and turned over the container I just removed. I used my mental power to detect the situation in front of me and started the action. First, I eliminated the engineer on the left to avoid him. The alarm sounded, and then I repeated my old tricks and controlled the puppet to move a container under the window so that I could climb up. With the help of the box and container, I climbed from the window into the house. Someone was talking. It was Barret and the general. Isn’t Barret my super teacher? Why did he join Movement? The general was very dissatisfied with Barret’s loss of Luna-1, but Barret said that he had a plan to get Luna-1 back. The general said he was going to Hong Kong soon, and he hoped to see Luna-1 there before leaving. I didn’t forget to humiliate Barret. Barret was really mad. He used his mental strength to blow up the two soldiers around him to pieces. Oh, he was really amazing, but it gave me a chance. Go in and pick up the door card that the soldier dropped. I returned to the place where the helicopter landed at the beginning. I opened the door with the door card. Oh, it’s Sara, you scared me, one day it will let me kill you by mistake. I asked why Sara didn’t tell me that Barret used to be my partner, and Sara told me that Barret was looking for me and I was not his opponent. She was leaving Luna-1, which would be safer. I decided to continue sneaking into the Movement factory as planned.


I hid behind the box and observed the surroundings. There were two guards and snipers in front. It was obviously not the best policy to rush forward. I used my mind to control the sniper on the right and killed several enemies below. Then I took control of another and killed the remaining enemies. Now I can go out. I climbed onto the armored car and the sentry post and found two medicine packs. Then I cancelled the brake of the train and the train car smashed the front door open. There were a lot of soldiers inside and there was an automatic machine gun. I used the control method to kill the soldiers inside before walking in. After finding some supplies, I wanted to find a way to deal with machine guns. I think this machine gun should attack everything. Something moved, so I raised the box to attract its firepower. This was really useful. I took advantage of the machine gun to shoot at the box and slipped over and opened the door. I controlled the worker above, opened the front door, and closed him. After passing through two doors in a row, I came to a room where there were some fire-breathing machinery. I threw the enemy into the flames and burned to death with super powers. I walked around to the other side of the room and climbed the stairs to open the front door. There were enemies underneath. After destroying them, I pressed the button in front of me. At this time, the machinery started working and the press blocked my way, so I couldn’t help it. In the past, I used mental power to control the boxes next to them and sent them to the press, so that the press was reimbursed. In the same way, I went all the way and opened the door. There are a lot of enemies here that I can’t fight hard. I control the snipers at high places and kill the soldiers around. The surrounding oil canisters make this job easier. After solving everyone, I went from the path on the left to the other side and opened the door. Oh, there are two doors here. I chose the one in front. After entering, I killed a few soldiers with the help of the surrounding oil canisters. From the left, I climbed up the ladder and picked up the supplies on the ground. I moved on and finally found After Barret, I asked him why he chose to be the running dog of the general. Barret’s answer was that Mindgate never gave him any attention. The era of Mindgate is over, and the general is now the master. I told him that we have Luna-1 in our hands. We can’t achieve the purpose of the army without it, but to my surprise, Sara and them are in the same group. Thanks to my trust in her, how could this be possible? Thinking this is not the time to consider this issue, Barret gave me the opportunity to join them, but I would not do it. It seems that fighting with my former teammates is inevitable. I tried to attack him with a machine gun, but it didn’t work, so I lifted up the broken bronze iron around and slammed at him. Well, this is the way to defeat him. I attacked him while avoiding attacks from him. My attack made him a little angry. He lifted me up and fell heavily against the wall. He suggested that we change places to fight again, and then he went out. After picking up the supplies on the ground, I also went outside. I know why he is fighting outside. This is too suitable for him. He lifted a car and smashed it at me. I was not able to lift such a big object. Barret kept lifting up huge boxes to attack me, and while avoiding, I took time to attack him with small boxes. I’d better not approach him. His close shock wave is very powerful. No, he lifted the locomotive and hit me again. I would be finished immediately if hit by something like this, I carefully avoided. Under my attack, Barret was also a little weak. But in the end I lost to him. Barre said he had more important things to do, and he always wanted me to join, so he didn’t kill me. He left the Black Sea by plane. I immediately climbed into the helicopter and chased it.


I have been chasing to Hong Kong, this is someone who contacted me,

“who are you”

“You will know soon”

She guided me to the base of Movement in Hong Kong. She said that I could land in the middle of the two buildings, where I could sneak into the building to the north. I found some supplies behind me, and there was a sniper rifle behind me. I used it to kill the enemy coming out of the front door and replaced it with my submachine gun. I walked into the front door and killed two patrolling soldiers. I used a stone lion. Attracted the firepower of the machine gun on the front wall, and took the opportunity to rush into the front door. I met Komiko, and she said she would help me. She was the one who penetrated into the Movement, but she has been under house arrest since she was discovered. She told the general that the purpose is a complete energy body, which consists of some fragments. These fragments have a specific shape. Luna-1 is the core of these fragments. Its age is far beyond our imagination, and I must organize to prevent the general from finding out the secrets inside. I want to take her out of here, but she said she can’t help me except in the laboratory. She will help me open the door to the data storage room. She gave me a contact device to keep in touch with me at any time. Finally, she did not forget to remind me to let me beware of the leader Wei Lu here, she is a woman who can create hallucinations in the real world. I’m leaving Komiko. Continuing to attract firepower, I rushed to the right, and after entering the door, I eliminated several guarded enemies. I found that this is a roundabout, with the control room on the left and right, and the door to the data storage room directly in front. I entered a control room. There was a scientist. His masthead squatted on the ground. I thought he might still be used because I didn’t kill him. I tried to put down the control button. At this time, the timer started to count only 5 seconds, which was obviously not enough. I ran to another control room. By the way, I can use the scientist around me. I controlled him with my mind, ran to another control room, pressed the button, and then returned to myself and quickly set the button next to me. Okay, the door opened. I entered the data storage room. I saw two medicine bags on the left and right sides. I picked up my waist bag and pressed the button directly in front. Oh my God, I don’t believe in everything I see. These materials are introduced. How Luna-1 was discovered in the past month, and how did the two major powers of the United States and the Soviet Union actively decipher how Luna-1 brought power. Komilo’s father originally worked for the United States. Komiko told me that the general’s next plan was to fuse the fragments, and I must stop him. Looking back, I got a super power again, this time it was an offensive skill. I could use my mental power to release flames to burn the enemy. I walked out of the gate to the elevator, killed an enemy, and I picked up his elevator card. Take the elevator down to the 98th floor. The three enemies on the right were chatting and went out to kill them. At this time, other enemies also came to support. I killed them while turning off the alarm that they had turned on. After they were all killed, I walked in from the pipe on the right (there is a villain on the right side of the pipe, who can open the hidden level by picking it up), smashed the door of the pipe and walked into the illusion maze. The atmosphere here really makes me dizzy. There are some doors here that can be opened. I think opening the door like this is the only way to break the illusion. People I know will appear in the door, including Sara, Leonav, oh, and myself, they will give me some Supplies, of course, sometimes leave a grenade. I better see it clearly, or I will die without a place to bury. Turning to the left, a woman dressed in Chinese appeared in front of her. I think she is Wei Lu. Going forward, Komiko appeared, oh, why did she become an enemy? By the way, it was an illusion, no way, kill him. Moving forward, this time it was Sara’s turn, and it was a trap again, and she also became an enemy. Walking from the left, Wei Lu appeared, and Barret appeared forward. This guy left a bomb. I have to be careful. Open the door. The door in front of it opened automatically, and I walked in. It was Wei Lu again. Moving on, it is Leonav. These damn hallucinations. The images of myself kept appearing before my eyes, which made me feel a little creepy. In the room at the end, I saw a zombie, turned to the right and saw the general’s phantom. He turned into a fire-breathing soldier. After being wiped out, I turned around and finally left this damn place from the right door. No, not yet. I saw Barret, where is this place, what happened, I saw many of my comrades in the past, they are all dead, but now they appear in front of me as zombies, I want to free their souls . Machine guns are ineffective against them, and the best way is to blow them to pieces with super powers (MD). Eliminated all the zombies, I freed their souls, and I finally got out of the maze of illusions. Picking up the medicine pack beside me, I entered the room on the right, killed the guard here to get the elevator card to the next floor, and I returned to the elevator from the front door. Take the elevator to the 97th floor. There are two medicine packs at the door, which is really timely. I observed here, and there were surveillance machines around. The front door switch was on the second floor above my head, and there was a heavy machine gun guarding it. Break these monitoring machines first. I went up the stairs to the second floor and killed a scientist. I used the object below to attract the machine gun, and I ran under it and opened the front door. Entering the gate I heard Wei Lu’s voice. Moving on, I finally saw the leader of this evil force in Hong Kong, but apparently she didn’t want to take the shot so early. The stone statues around me actually moved. They moved slowly but they had a lot of attack power. They were enough to criticize them. I suffer, so the best policy is to stay away from them. I smashed them with the surrounding pots, and in this way I eliminated the six stone statues. Wei Lu came out, she turned into an ugly monster with three small heads, and acid was constantly sprayed from her head. I want to knock out these three small heads. The machine gun is effective for it, but I The bullets were not enough, so I hit his hand with the scattered rocks around. In addition to spraying acid, it has another attack method, which is to emit a green light from its mouth. I can’t be hit by this terrible thing. After unremitting efforts, I defeated Wei Lu, and she said that I have the potential to stop the general. (Hidden task items are in the passage leading to the illusion maze)


An enemy soldier blew up the road ahead. I wanted to find a way to pass, but I had to clean up the soldiers in front of me. I took control of one soldier, killed the other two, and then went down from the place where he exploded just now. Huh, this is called self-digging. grave. Looking back, I picked up some supplies, then I used the slabs on the ground to fill in the gap, and I jumped over. When I walked into the house, there were some supplies in front of me. I came to the left. There was an electric arc on the ground. I couldn’t just walk over. I grabbed the guard in front and threw him on the electric arc. Great, the electric arc machine exploded, and then I did the same. Destroy the rest. I walked over and opened the door. After killing the guards here, I climbed the ladder and got some supplies. I went up to the top and came to the plasma acceleration room. I wanted to stop it. I first pulled down the Erhao control on the left side of the passage. Then I went back to the room to control the enemy to pull down the 3rd and 4th control rods. As the ion current got faster and faster, I had to stay in the prominent place during the period, and finally I returned to my body and pulled After lowering the No. 1 control rod beside him, the plasma flow finally stopped. I went out, wiped out all the enemies outside, and found some supplies by the way. I opened the door of control room No. 3 and found the hidden task under the ladder. Then I climbed the ladder to the top. After killing the workers and soldiers in the front room, I came to a room with an acid pool. I will be opposite. The soldiers dropped down the acid pool one after another. Listening to the screams of the soldiers, I knew that I could not go directly. There was a platform in the middle of the pool. I walked up, and then I controlled the workers in the room on the right. I pulled down No. 1. And switch No. 3, and then pressed the red button on the panel, the platform moved. When the platform moved to the nearest distance from the opposite side, I jumped over, opened the door and saw the general. Who is the red-haired woman next to him? Komiko told me that her name is Malenar, who is responsible for completing the integration mission, and I must be careful of her. The general was obviously dissatisfied with the lack of progress. He wanted the fusion to begin immediately, but Malenar’s attitude was very tough and the fusion device was still very unstable. No, I was found. A fire from Malenar filled the whole body of the soldiers beside him. After killing the fire soldiers in front of me, I got the key card. I picked up the supplies on the ground. I went out from the left and opened the door on the right. I saw Sara. Sara looked innocent. I asked where she was. On the one hand, she asked me what to help the enemy, and Sara didn’t seem to understand what I said. She said she had some news about the general. Well, listen to what she said first. She told me that the general was ready to merge, and we What should be done is to get the core of the fragment, Luna-1. This fragment was discovered on the moon in the 1940s. Of course I know this, but why did you give it to Barret? Sara said she never did it. How could she? Do this. No, I can’t believe her anymore. I raised the pistol, but I still didn’t have the heart to do it. Sara gave me a key card for this floor and walked out. I picked up the key card Sara left me. Kill the soldiers who came in. I left from the left door, avoided the heavy machine gun in front and walked into the door. After killing the two soldiers, I got another door card in the right door and went back to the other side to kill one. The soldier got his elevator card, and then I took the elevator to the 97th floor. There are three heavy machine guns on the right, but I still walked in easily. I found the medicine pack and mental supplies in the room. When I came out, I found the medicine pack and some ammunition in the room at the end of the left. Then I approached and faced me. The elevator door. It seems that the fusion has already begun, and I want to force them to stop, but a fire restricts my movement and I can only watch them complete the fusion. At this time, Malenar said that the system was overloaded. They were too anxious to merge now, but the general obviously didn’t care about this. Anyway, the single energy body had been completed. He picked up the fused thing and left here, and handed me to Malenar to clean up. Malenar tried to destroy me with this super weapon for fusion. I won’t let her do as she wants. This weapon is too dangerous and I must destroy it. Malenar controlled his weapon to shoot at me continuously. There were two types of shooting, one was a continuous laser, and the other was a flame beam. The flame beam was very harmful and couldn’t get out once it was hit. I avoided her attack and slammed the weapon with the fire extinguisher canister on the ground. At this time, there was a sirens, “All personnel, please hide behind the protective cover”. I think this is the ultimate attack of the weapon. I hurriedly ran behind the protective cover where the general was standing. In an instant, I was surrounded by light. Protective cover, otherwise I will definitely turn to ashes. After several rounds of competition, I destroyed the weapon. Malenar was obviously very angry, and she jumped down to kill me. Malenar is a typical fire superpower. She constantly releases fireballs and shot artillery to attack me, but her most powerful trick is to release a fireman. The fireman moves very fast. When she ran to me It will explode and hurt a lot. What’s worse is that Malenar will throw a fireball at me when I fall to the ground. It’s a perverted combo technique, so I must explode it with a fire extinguisher before the fireman approaches me. . Malenar is really amazing, I kept picking up the medicine packs on both sides of the room to replenish life, and finally I defeated Melenar. I rushed out to stop the general, but it was too late. The general was already on the plane. I shot the plane frantically but it didn’t help. I could only watch the general leave. At this time, Komiko contacted me. She said that the general had gone to the Himalayas and I had to go with him to stop his ambitions. I asked to go with Komiko, but she refused my kindness and she would try to control this place. No, you won’t survive this way. I tried to persuade her, but she told me that I have more important things to do right away, which affect the lives of tens of millions of people. No way, I escaped here by helicopter. Behind me, the building is constantly collapsing, Komiko… (Hidden mission items are in the water under the ladder for the second time)


Chasing the general to the temple, suddenly someone shot me. I fell to the ground and shot him. At this time, this soldier was controlled by someone, oh, it’s Wrightson, he was my former Mindgate teammate. . He is now under the general’s. He told me that they held Sara, but it won’t be long, and I will save her. Here I recalled my last superpower, which allows me to see something invisible to the naked eye. There are some supplies hidden in the boxes outside the temple and under the stone slabs. This is really timely rain for me who have just experienced the war, but I have to be careful of the snipers upstairs. After collecting some supplies, I pushed open the door of the temple. I opened my super eyes, oh, there are monsters in front of me. I did my best to eliminate the monsters that were blocking me, and the others didn’t entangle with them. I went from the small door on the left to the end, where I saw the imprisoned Sara. Sara told me not to move. This place is full of monsters. Sometimes we can’t see them. As we were talking, a monster appeared in front of Sara and attacked her, and Sara passed out. Turning around to destroy a monster that was trying to attack me, I controlled the soldier behind the front door and opened the cell door to destroy the monster that rushed over. At this time Wrightson controlled my mind. I lost my soul and Sara came out. Fortunately, I was also a super warrior, and Wrightson couldn’t control me for long. I found a medicine packet in the surrounding cell. Back outside, the door at the end just now can be opened. I opened the door and entered the room. I saw two monsters wandering here. They didn’t seem to see me, so don’t mess with them. I first found some supplies in the small door on the left, and then slipped into the front door. There was a wall on the left side of the room that was empty. I broke it and went in and got a lot of supplies. I put the Buddha statue in front of me back to its original place. At this time, the secret road on the right opened. Inside I found a red triangle. I thought I was using it. When I came out, I used the central clock to destroy the enemies who rushed in. Then went out with the triangle. With my super eyes, I observed that the tripod at the door of the small door on the right that could not be opened was also red. I placed the triangle on the tripod. As expected, the door opened and I walked in. Along the stairs I came to the top floor. On the roof on the left, I found Sara. Sara said we must reach the top of the tower. What, there is full of monsters. Sara thought of a plan. Those monsters have weaknesses. They are attracted by spiritual power, but if we can amplify spiritual power, we can drive them out of the tower. She gave me a spiritual transmission device, which I will do. It is to reach the enemy’s radar and use the device there to amplify my mental power to drive away the monsters in the tower, and the road to the radar, she thinks should be some secret road, there should be a mechanism here, it seems that I want myself Go looking for it. I observed the color of the bricks at the center of the foot with my super eyes. So I shot these bricks with a machine gun. Well, it was empty. There were some supplies underneath, and there was a blue triangle. The colored triangle was placed on the blue tripod outside the door, and when he went back, he took the red one and put it aside. The door opened. After entering the room, I put four balls of different colors in the four corners of the room on the four plates in the middle, and the satellite finally connected. Destroying a soldier I left from the door that just opened. At this time, Wrightson’s messenger appeared again. He claimed to be the god of all things. He was familiar with everything in the tower. He could control the monsters to attack us. It was not so difficult. Is it God playing with his toys? He is really crazy. After eliminating the two soldiers in front, I climbed up to the high platform, killed the sniper and picked up the mental supplies on the ground. The radar station is right in front of you. I climbed the ladder quietly, sneaking into the house while the enemy was not paying attention, and climbed to the top floor. I used the mental transmission device and radar that Sara gave me to amplify my mental power and hit it. Sure enough, the monsters in the tower ran away in panic. I killed the soldiers below at a high place and went down the same way back to the temple. Killing the enemy all the way to the place where I just found the red triangle, the destination is in front of me, and I rushed up all the way.


I found a medicine packet among the rocks behind me, and one on the ground in front. Open the front door and kill the two soldiers here. I found two spiritual supplies. Moving on to kill the guards outside, the door on the right was full of monsters, and I had to retreat. I entered the Psi regen on the right. I walked into the blue luminous object in front. At this moment, I was prompted that I can use a temporary password to temporarily clear these monsters. I need to find the temporary password. I came out to Beta Lab and eliminated the guards. I saw the password written on the blackboard in front with my super eye (the password is random). Before I left, I took some supplies. When I came out, I took control of a soldier, walked into a room full of monsters, and walked to the end. I entered a temporary password. It seemed that the monsters were temporarily gone, but there was not much time, only three minutes. I returned to my body and I went. I went in and came to the door on the right. I saw Sara. Sara told me that in order to gain power, a specific arrangement of the planets is required, which must move the moon. The moon, but isn’t Luna-1 discovered on the moon in the past sixty years? At this moment, a woman identical to Sara walked in. By the way, she was Sara’s older sister. Her name was Tonya. She lied to Luna-1 in the Black Sea. She is now a member of Movement. Sara is puzzled by Tonya’s betrayal of her and her parents. After the death of her parents, her sisters were the only ones left. But the truth surprised Sara. Tonya killed their parents. In pursuit of power, Tonya knocked out the gun in my hand, but Sara aimed the gun at Tonya, and Wrightson took control of Sara. They left, and Wrightson asked me to follow when I was leaving, if I wanted to save Sara. I had to save Sara. The soldiers who came out and took control of the control room helped me open the front door. There were plenty of supplies, and then another door. I finally found Wrightson. He was crazy. This guy only seems to control the display around her to emit fire light to attack me, which is easy to avoid, but the monsters that appear from time to time make me very annoying. I concentrated on destroying all Wrightson’s screens. He is now dead, and all the monsters are attacking him. In the end, he and his so-called “pets” disappeared before my eyes. I still have important tasks to complete. Sara wants to find her sister. I said she is hopeless and we should stop the general. Moving forward I got supplies and two submachine guns. I opened the door and saw a few soldiers guarding me outside. I killed two of them with a crane in the center, and then rushed out to solve the other two. After searching for some supplies around, I started to observe the situation below with my super eyes. Oh my God, there are thunderstorms below, and there is only one gap to go down. I dropped the corpse of the soldier just now to prevent it from being used. I jumped down and killed a soldier. I used the corpses of these soldiers to reimburse the surrounding floating mines. I found two medicine packets on both sides and moved forward on the right. There are some mental supplies, take them. When I came to the left, a huge boulder fell from the sky and blocked my way. I opened the boulder with fire and walked over. I killed a few soldiers and I continued to move forward. I killed a guard from behind. I observed that the surrounding was full of thunder. Use super powers to collect various supplies around. I bypassed the floating mine in front and came to a ditch. After killing a few enemies here, I used their bodies to reimburse the floating mines that blocked the way. I didn’t forget to take the water supplies. After I got up, I moved forward carefully. The enemy was in front of me, surrounded by thunderstorms. I couldn’t fight with the enemy. It was easy to hit the thunderstorms. I used superpowers to control the surrounding rocks to kill the enemies one by one and then walked over. . After hitting the two floating mines with the enemy’s corpse, I walked onto the suspension bridge. There was another floating mine in front of me. This time I chose to squat and move forward. Finally came to the end, and I met Barret. Barret said that since the general found the first fragment, they knew they would unlock this infinite power. I asked him if he had forgotten that we used to fight for freedom as comrades-in-arms, but Barret obviously didn’t care about it now. Now, I finally remembered everything. I was sent by Mindgate to eliminate Movement. Maybe humans are useless, but no one has the right to destroy them. I chased up and met Barret and the general. The general thanked me for helping him. Every time I killed one of his men, Barret gained their power. At this moment Tonya emerged from my back. I was in danger. Suddenly, a bullet passed through Tonya’s head. It was Sara. Thank god she came. Barret knocked us to the ground with a shock wave. Then began to unlock the power. Originally, after finding the first treasure in the temple, they decided to unlock this ultimate power. Fusion into a single energy body was a key step, but the position of the moon weakened the power of the energy body. Now Barret uses his TK skill to The position of the moon changed, and they could finally gain strength. Barret was finally finished, but the general did not want to share the ultimate power with Barret, a bullet, he ended the life of Barret who had worked for him. The general is accumulating strength, and I can’t let him get what he wants. I use flames to attack the six protective fences around him. The middle area can replenish mental strength, but I’d better step out before the shock wave in the center. I destroyed the protection fence. At this time, six light balls appeared around me. I quickly picked them up. At this time, the general’s power was also full. The final battle finally began. He had three attack methods to control the surrounding Rocks slammed at me, sending out flames and lightning. The stone attack is difficult to dodge but the attack power is very low. I don’t think I need to avoid it specially. The flame attack time is very long. I have to run constantly. The lightning attack power is quite high. Fortunately, I can hide under the bridge. Avoid it. I used the six balls of light I collected to shoot at the general. It was really easy to use. After a bit of battle, I finally defeated the general who was close to God. In the end, the general, along with his dream, was sucked into the black hole of energy production…


“has it ended”

“I think so”

I picked up Luna-1 on the ground. At this time, several helicopters came in the sky. Sara thought it was here to help us, but I knew it was not. Sara and I were running. The helicopter was about to shoot at us. I turned around. Controlled the helicopter with the last force, it exploded, but I knew it was not over yet…


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