Prototype game cheats

Open the main interface of the game, select “Additional” → “Cheat Code”, and then enter “→→←↓↑↑↑↓” in the window that appears (that is, right, right, bottom, left, up, up and down), and then select OK. !

SADFSDGSDG SSDG—make the protagonist into a woman
SDFSDFGSDF—-The people on the street are all naked
ESGGCGRVGRSDGSF—— people on the street full cosplay beautiful girl
SFEWRWGDF———-make aliens into cats and dogs
GFSSGDSSSG———The protagonist can take a light stick
Thank♂you♂sir Alex wears Van’s black armor, which can resist shelling
Ah~My shoulder Alex’s blood volume remains at the lowest critical state without changing
F@CK YOU All pedestrians become Heike Boy
Oh we do it complete all collection tasks instantly
Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy spike

In extra->Cheat code
Input on the keyboard: right, right, bottom, left, up, up, down

Will get body surfing

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