Pro Evolution Soccer 3 game cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 game cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 game cheats

In the player editing options of EDIT MODE, there is an option called “number entry force”. Enter a 4-digit number in it to adjust the player ability of a certain team uniformly. See the following for the specific operation method: boldface is the command First name

In the main menu, select EDIT MODE>Competitor Edit>Number Entry

The last 3 digits of this 4-digit number represent the team’s code, starting from Austria (000) and ending with We United (128). The specific position of each team is based on the national team in the selected team list. > Club analogy

Thousands digits can be two numbers, 1 and 2, choose 1 to specify the ability of all members of the team +5, and choose 2 to specify all members -5

For example, if you enter 1000, since 000 designates the Austrian team, 1 refers to the overall ability +5, and the effect is that the overall ability value of the Austrian team increases by 5 points.

In the same way, if you enter 2128, the abilities of all the members of Yunaide will drop by 5 points.

In addition, if the last 3 digits are set to 999, all teams will be designated as objects of increase or decrease. For example, 1999 is the ability value of all players +5, and 2999 is -5.

1999⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒1999 is the ability value of all players +5
2999⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒2999 is all players’ ability value -5

Perfect penalty
When taking a penalty kick, press the lower right or lower left (preferably lower right), and lightly press the shooting button. As long as the goalkeeper of the first penalty kick can’t be saved, then keep kicking in the same direction, don’t worry about anything. Computer AI, it certainly won’t care. There is also a quick free throw at the moment the referee blows the whistle. When the ball enters the net, where the computer goalkeeper is still in a daze, it depends on your reaction. This trick should be universal.

Finally, in the course of the game, the perspective of the penalty kick is different from the perspective of the penalty kick after a draw. The former computer goalkeeper usually pounces the ball to the lower right or lower left, while the latter computer is basically the same. I won’t do that.


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