Pro Cycling Manager 2008 cheats

Pro Cycling Manager 2008 cheats

Pro Cycling Manager 2008 cheats

10 Points On All Manager Stats
Enter freire as a last name.

Outstanding Team
A way to have an outstanding team in career mode is to release high contract riders and old riders, and sign low contract, great riders, and young, great riders. That way, you can have an even better team without going over the salary cap!

Easy Stage Wins
Follow these steps for an easy stage win:
1. Move your team to the front of the peleton
2. Put 2 riders in the mornings breakaway
3. Put another rider in the breakaway about halfway through the stage
4. Make the rest of your riders attack with about 20 kilometers to go
5. If you timed it right, they should catch you with 1 kilometer to go, and then start to sprint!


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