Prison Tycoon 4 SuperMax gaming strategy

Prison Tycoon 4

Prison Tycoon 4 not only meets the basic physical needs of prisoners, such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation, but also focuses on guarding the safety of the prison, preventing prison riots or prisoners’ escape and other precautions. It can be said to be a real simulation of life in the prison, allowing players I have a deep understanding of the prison, a special national department. Here are some tips and secrets in Prison Tycoon 4 summarized by the players:
The hole outside the fence you see is an exit, not an entrance. The entrance must be inside.
After finding the entrance inside, ask the police to fill it in (left click on the police, there is a shovel icon on the pit)
is not good, try to be as close as possible. If he has gone down, it seems it is too late…
It is best not to leave the prisoners alone, so they will dig holes and escape, especially when they are red.
The built-in fence should be closed as little as possible, and frequent searches can find a lot of contraband~
There is an imperfection in this game, that is…
People are only the first building built…
Even the tables in the restaurant are…
The table that stood up first is filled up first…
They always squeeze thousands of miles to the same place to eat and relax…
Even the library and classroom are…
Unless completely separated by a fence…
This is the most hateful point…
Let me tell you a little trick first~
Did you find that money is not easy to make?
When you are short of money, first pause (“zero” is a shortcut), and then choose the most expensive building to put it down.
At this time, the building has not entered the construction state, that is, the building that has just been put down has not been built.
but you can remove it (hammer icon),
And every time it is demolished, there will be a 40% anti-repayment, do you know what to do next?
really smart, right click on the building –> demolish (demolish) –> confirm.
until you think it’s almost done, then lift the pause, and then leave it alone.
The house will be built first and then demolished automatically~
Now that there is no shortage of money, there is nothing left to worry about.
Next, I will give you a brief introduction to some points that need attention~
The following two texts are useful:
There is help.htm in the folder of Prison Tycoon 4languagesenghelp. The information inside will be helpful.
Then, the language.xml file in the Prison Tycoon 4data folder (opened in the calendar), there are some prompt messages in the game, nothing more than:
The safety index is increased (decreased), and various buildings can be built (less)~
Gang bosses are very picky, try to make them satisfied, otherwise they will easily riot~
Hire an accountant to help manage finances~
How to assign prisoners and guards~
Try not to mix members of different gangs together~
A charity organization donated to you~
XX’s sentence has expired and released~
XX failed your expectations and was caught back
Someone digs a hole to escape from prison…
Etc., etc……
WASD can move the lens, up and down, left and right can lift or rotate the lens,
Press SHIFT to move the mouse up and down to move the lens up and down, press CTRL to rotate the mouse left and right to rotate the lens~
Continuously click the “monitor” icon to switch the angle of view, and the monitor can be rotated left and right
It’s not clear which button does it. If you hover the mouse on it, the English name will be displayed in the non-paused state and when the input method is not activated in the background. You can guess it by looking up the dictionary by yourself~
Also, the security index of the prison determines whether you can build a high-level building. At the beginning, you should engage in as many police uncles as possible~ All become special police…
Properly provide staff restrooms, as well as repairmen, cleaners, library, and invite a priest~
By the way, hospitals and cafeterias must never be forgotten…
Also, don’t leave the building after it’s finished, you have to click in to build a room…
Basic operations, except for viewing angle adjustment, a mouse is enough~ Either the left button or the right button~
It is also necessary to use fences and iron gates to isolate the offending prisoners~
Iron gates can only be built on fences, and the fence doesn’t require money~
The most important point is to arrange the work and rest time of the police and prisoners appropriately, otherwise you will see a red face full of screen…

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