Princess Maker game cheats

Princess Maker game cheats

Princess Maker game cheats

Only applicable to the beautiful version|combined version, the normal version is useless

Press [F10] the moment the daughter changes clothes
Voice Cheats [Ctrl] + v
Modification of money and attributes:

Modify the game archive file, the address of each parameter is as follows:

Physical strength: DISP 0206-0209;

Wrist strength: DISP 0218-0221;

Temperament: DISP 0243-0246;

Perseverance: DISP 0254-0257;

Fatigue: DISP 0266-0269;

Charm: DISP 0278-0281;

Ethics: DISP 0266-0269;

Evaluation: DISP 0302-0305;

Experience: DISP 0314-0317;

Technical value: DISP 0326-0329;

Agility: DISP 0338-0341;

Armor strength: DISP 0350-0353;

Attack enhancement: DISP 0362-0365;

Vitality is the same as physical power, so you only need to modify physical power; intelligence is equal to modifying vitality, and magic is the same as intelligence, and modifying intelligence is equivalent to modifying magic.

If you change all values to FF FF FF FF or change too much, the game will be reset to 0 and the game will restart.


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