Postal Redux game cheats

Postal Redux game cheats

Postal Redux game cheats

Open the console:
In single player mode, press T during the game to turn on the console, enter the following cheat instructions, the game will give a prompt after success.
Big head mode (GimmeHead) + small character mode (MyteaMouse)
Game cheats:
Healthful⇒Get maximum life
BlockMyAss⇒Max Armor
MagicMags⇒All current weapons get unlimited ammo
AlaMode⇒On/Off invincible mode
NoPlaceLikeOz⇒Open the exit
YoureTooSlow⇒On/Off Speed ​​of sound
IAmSoLame⇒Get all weapons, ammunition, unlimited life, armor, invincibility, speed of sound, etc.
BegForThis⇒The enemy becomes timid (only one damage)
NoHUDPlease⇒On/Off Display HUD
MyteaMouse⇒On/Off Reduce all characters
GimmeHead⇒big head mode (all characters)
WitchDoctor⇒Small head mode (all characters)
YourHeadASplode⇒The enemy will explode after death
SuddenlyISee⇒Maximize vision
TunnelVision⇒Minimize the field of view
ClowningAround⇒Turn all NPCs into clowns
RaisedInABarn⇒turn all NPCs into dancing ostriches
LongArmOfTheLaw⇒Turn all bystanders into police (hostile)
MichaelBay⇒All NPCs have rockets or grenades and detonate all barrels on the map
Groovy⇒On/Off slow motion
TheQuick⇒All weapons are designed faster
Item related:
CarryMore⇒Get a backpack
AssaultAndBattery⇒Get an assault rifle
BlowMe⇒Get a balloon gun
Flamenstein⇒Get flamethrower + ammo
TitanIII⇒Get Rocket Launcher + Ammunition (Normal + Guide Head)
Sternomat⇒Get Napalm Launcher + Ammunition
PeaShooter⇒Get a pistol
JesseJames⇒Get revolver + ammunition
TheBestGun⇒Get machine gun + ammunition
Shellfest⇒Get shotgun + ammo
CrotchBomb⇒Get a mine
LobItFar⇒Get a grenade
Rioter⇒Get Incendiary
Dynomyte⇒Get explosives
Character cheats:
mynameisnotimportant⇒Antagonist (a character in the Hatred hate game) can be selected

Click Options => Game menu => Click Coat Color to go to the Character select interface

Tip: The precautions in the cheat instructions do not apply to this code, that is to say, using this instruction does not affect the achievement.
1. The cheat instructions are valid for Postal:Redux 2.0+.

2. Using cheat codes will result in failure to obtain achievements, and achievements in progress will also stop.

3. Using cheat codes will cause the game to fail to save, and the automatic save is not easy to use (Rampage mode).

4. In Rampage mode, you will get a “Cheats Used” title.

5. The results and scores in Rampage mode will not be saved.

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