Postal game cheats

Postal game cheats

Postal game cheats:

Enter the following cheats in the game:

Cheats effect
theresnoplacelikeoz Jump off
iamsolame Invincible mode
healthful Full of life
thickskin Full armor (decreases damage)
carrymore More ammunition
gimmedat All items, full of life
dawholeenchilada Missiles and grenades
breakyosak Shotgun Ammunition
myteamouse 20 fire extinguisher
shellfest Spray disinfector
flamenstein 200 flame spray gun
shotgun 50-100 shotgun ammunition
thebestgun Spray disinfector
lobitfar Grenade and fire extinguisher
titaniii Missile
sternomat Gelled gasoline agent
firehurler Flame gun
crotchbomb Landmine
hesstillgood resurrection
explodarama Grenades, missiles, chaser;

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